Four Reasons Why You Start Losing Your Friends

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Or..  when you think you are losing your friends.
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Have you ever wondered when you feel like your friends are getting less and less at one point? Maybe after highschool finishes, during uni, or whenever. When you're all by yourself, and thinking hard who to have lunch with on the weekend, etc. I have.

I was at uni-ish when I felt so. And i had conversations with some close friends talking about the same thing one time after another. At first it was a bit frustrating, however time passes, and you see that it's not just you. Almost everyone feels the same. 

The thing is, it's not you losing them, or them losing you:

1. It's more like, yourself knows yourself more, yourself knows what kind of talks, what kind of friends and qualities you want to lean yourself into, qualities that you and them possess that make each other stick around. Automatically, without you realising it you hang out more often with those who click with you, deepening the relationship between you and these people, lessening contacts with the others. Suddenly life filters who is around you.

2. Or another time, with your busy working schedule, you'd want a quality time with yourself more on the weekend, that again, lessening contacts with the people you used to hang out with.

3. Or on some other occasion, you used to meet all of these friends in a place where you have to go e.g school/ work/ communities. But you're not in school anymore, that you don't see them often anymore. (Don't compare it with LDF--long distance friendship, though. Because usually when you're really good friends with these people, you guys just will make way back to each other through constant chats, FaceTimes, etc. Doesn't have to be frequent, as long as it's constant/ when you're in the same city you'll meet up with each other and do long overdue catch ups)

4. Lastly.. Don't forget that all of the above do not only happen to you, but also to the other sides aka your friends. Everyone is just busy with life, I guess.
To the good side, in times like this you'll have this handful of friends who you know will stick around. At least, before the other stage of life hits. Such as marriages, babies, etc. But that's another different case. Also, separating ways with your used-to-be-closer-friends doesn't always mean you have less company. In fact, the more you know what you want to do/ who you want to be surrounded with, you'll find new people in your life that will be as--if not more--valuable than our buds in the past. Nothing bad. Nothing bad.

Now.. Let's let life take us, trust the journey, stay close to Your Faith, and do what you love.

So good to be writing again.

Much Love
Jeslina x

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