Two Things that You Know Will Happen to a Relationship, but Still Hurts When It Happen

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Relationships. Everyone has relations. Everyone must have had experienced a relationship with a best friend or lover, too (or at least, sorta.)

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Love is..
A complicated mixture: so hurtful to enjoy, yet so beautiful to endure. Blame (or thank) 'Love Actually' and 'Love the Coopers' and 'The Intern' that I am writing such a full-of-feels kind of post. I just watched it recently, and brought me to writing this post; on things that people know what bad things could happen to relationships, however they still hurt when it happens.

1. The fact that people will change eventually. 
This is where the significant other is no longer the same person as he or she was or you think he/she was. "It's impossible that someone doesn't change after 40 years of marriage", said the narrator from Love the Coopers. Well, that is actually accurate. You don't even have to wait until 40 years for one of you to change. We are lucky if we are  also changing, therefore we are "catering" his/her changes, and are still being compatible. However when we can't comprehend the changes, it's so difficult to let go of the past, having the fact that the one we love is in nothing but.. the past.

And then, this point number one will lead to point number:

2. The fact that the situation between you two won't be the same forever.
In 'The Intern' Do you remember when Jules was so successful in her company that she doesn't have much time for Matt, and Matt was found being with another woman? Jules' success brought her to become a busier person, that it changed the situation between them. And notably, Jules' priority might have been changed. Maybe in the past, your partner used to be very eager in meeting you, but not anymore. You guys don't meet as often, and are being stuck in the "boring" situation not knowing what to do the sparks it up.

This happens. It is only a matter of whether you guys can talk about it when the change brings you guys down. If you care enough to talk about it, then you guys are good. But if not, that is going to be difficult. But as difficult it is, I'm sure it will be worth it when you can get through it. Just like how Jules ended up talking about Matt's mistake, and they made up. Remember; What doesn't kill you (or your relationship) makes you stronger. But if no one doesn't care at all to keep it together in quite some time, i don't know. Maybe you guys are better off with someone out there?

But Hey! Despite all that, i think that's what makes love beautiful, isn't it? All the flaws between you guys, will create a wonderful story of your own. And most importantly, with the fact that people still do love even though they know the consequences, prove that it's, well, worth doing! I mean, I know it is based on my personal life hehe So, have faith in LOVE :)

Well Hello Hello
Been a while since I said hello in here. But I finally just did yay!
Went to E&O on the weekend, and it was pretty I got to share the interior details with you all. Their food is good too, but they are pretty pricey. But definitely a pretty place with yummy Thai food.

That's about it for now. Talk soon!


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