Should You Make Your Own Business or Become A Career Person?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

If you're between 21 to 28, you're probably wondering if you should become a) A business man/ woman b) A career person. You're wondering if doing a business would be too risky, but tempted with the "luxury"of being able to work from anywhere. At the same time, you find it cool to be working in a prestigious company, and being able to avoid people being stereotypical if you casually "work from home" while starting your own start-up.


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 So. Business vs Lifetime Career.

For a 22 year old like me who does not know very much about both worlds, the topic of career decision in the long run has always been a hot topic to bring on the table, either with my friends with the same age, or someone with more experience. I've been wondering for so long if I myself, should concentrate on doing my own business, or work for someone.

To shorten the thoughts from myself and people I've been asking, here it is:

1. Investing Your Time in Building A Career
From what I have observed, many would want to switch to business in the early stage of working in a company. As a Chinese Indonesian myself, most parents around me do their own business, and honestly, I could not imagine myself not doing a business in the long run. But after meeting some people who have dedicated their entire life working for someone, my thought started to shift. I start thinking to myself that a career could work well too, if not really well. Even one of dad's close friends, who has this massive garment company, shared to me that they are to encourage their sons to be career men, since how they saw it, big business is just too stressful.

Personally, the main reason why I would consider a career instead of business, is because, there is an obvious separation between working hours and time for yourself. While in doing a business, your mind will automatically go to it 24/7. Other than that, the money you get is steady each month, and the personal risk is so much less. And maybe, the stress level is less too.. (Only if you have a wonderful boss!)

"If you want to feel 'important', then invest your time in doing a career!"

Career do takes time though. Probably 20-30 years to be the CEO! So you do need the patience and perseverance. If you think you can't wait, probably you're the kind of person who is more dynamic and need challenges, therefore doing a business would be more fun to you.

"If you're going to become a mom, though, are you really going to let your 2 year old daughter be home/ at day care without you? Like you're going to miss seeing them grow up by more than 50%."

Some would say, "It's different when you become a parent. You'll know the need to have the money. So, you have no other choice." or like "I'd try to spend the whole weekend with the kids, no nanny is needed during the weekend" or like "My boyfriend wouldn't let me to leave my growing kids. I definitely will not work in an office 8 to 6".
"Sometimes though, you need to work, otherwise your working husband won't be able to communicate his working matters with you.."

At the end of the day.. It really depends on your needs and priority!

2. Doing Your Own Business
Me and my sisters have been doing this online shoe business since when I was in high school. It has always been our "side job", our "holiday to-do-list" and a canvas for trials and errors, really. We started it from Facebook, Instagram, finally opened our official store last year and finally our own webstore. Has it been hard/ easy? Well, when it is going well, I find it easy (obviously), but at times where we're struggling, it is very hard. Like even for us who probably have started pretty early, I still find it difficult. (Ps I find it easier back then though, because competitors online were so much less and when we were younger, we were not very aware of the risks, we just did it).

Anyway. When your business has gotten pretty good, such as with good amount of Instagram followers, and it keeps going you'll have a pride yourself. But building it up to be pretty good, is not pretty easy. The early stage would be difficult. (One tip though, just do it. Despite the risk, you can resolve the problems while doing it later.)

"It takes shorter time to get way more amount of money"
In most cases, if your business is well taken care of, it is true. But, the risk is there, so that statement is not guaranteed going to be accurate all the time. And that causes you to stress. You need to invest more money, but at the same time your bank account does not support you to invest more.

"You need to be highly self-motivated and be your own boss and it's not easy"
That, I think is one of the hardest thing to do. Not only creativity, but a success business requires self-motivation, since you are your own boss. Compared to working in a company, I think doing your own business is so much harder because of this. You need to know everything, and learn all by yourself. You need to be creative. You are your own guide.

Another challenge in doing a business is that you work by yourself most of the time or just in a very small team, when you can't hire more people yet. It bores you, it stresses you out. But at least you can work almost anywhere you deserve, as long as you have wi-fi and your laptop!

3. To Conclude
It depends on your personality and priority. "Say you're going to actively work for 40 years, you've got time to explore, say 5 years in career, then the rest of your life for business". For myself at the moment, I have decided to work in a company while also having Coppelia as a side job and for fun. Do I have a plan to when to quit before concentrating on my business? Nope! As long as I like it, I'll stay indefinitely. Again, I am still 22, and trying to explore here and there, talking to this and that person, taking everything all in, and see which one works best for me in the end. But one thing I have thought about is that, in the long run, it is going to be very challenging if you don't focus on one, that if you want one to be really really successful.

So, set your priority and have fun exploring!

Also as Mexican food lovers, we finally tried Hacienda at Plaza Senayan Arcadia! It's not a new place, but definitely a new favourite. Especially, the space is beautiful with its wide Parisian window of the building itself and the candle chandeliers. I'd say it's a perfect venue for a quality time with your loved ones, and also for a birthday kinda place. It's not so big, the space is intimate and comfortable.


The food is legit, compared to the other Mexican that I've tried (Por Que No is still on the list though). Price wise, pretty pricey, but worth in exchange to a nice dining experience. By the way, up until last week, they still had this buy 1 get 1 margarita promotion. Pretty good!

Oh, thanks Adrian for the patience of me trying to get good shots and taking some pictures for myself!

Well, well!
That's it for now. Happy to be back writing after some time.

Love you lots!
Jeslina x

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  1. Hey, Jeslina!
    Loving your thoughts on career.
    I definitely feel that being in early 20s making us see a vast possibility and unlimited challenges in life. Especially when it comes to career and building our own lives.
    And I admire your definite decision to work on your own business as well as your career simultaneously.
    You're only 22 and already have such a clear vision of life! Super cool! <3

    xx from Tokyo,


  2. You must have a nice time there. And you look amazing.
    Kisses from pickeddresses

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