9 Things You Can Relate When You Are on a Long Distance Relationship

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Relationship itself is a hard work. Adding miles of distance in between, making it even harder (Though for some people it is not). Therefore, if you are on it (or were on it), we can probably share some hardship, and of course, ease; so at least you know that everyone faces similar up and downs. And, most importantly, some of us, get through it ( I did (: ).

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Okay. It's been a while since I talk about the-not-overrated love. But I guess it's time to talk about it again now. (Since I think people are liking it..) Anyway..

Let's jump to it:
9 Things You Can Relate When You Are on a Long Distance Relationship

1. First of all.. Separating is the hardest.
The worst thing is when it's at the airport. Like when you send him (or her off), you guys hug tightly, trying to feel the closeness, when your skin touches his, cherishing that 3 to 5 seconds, because you know that won't happen in the next ____ (Mine was a 6 months base). After going through the security check, he would turn back and wave once again (or once before the very last one). You would force a smile, before you turn back and return to your car. As soon as you get back in your car, you would text him instantly, not wanting to lose him that second.

2. Wait, no. The night before your bf/ gf leaves is the hardest.
When Adrian visited me in Melbourne, the hardest part was the night before he left. I kept holding back tears, because 1) The week he came was unbelievably fun 2) During that week, it's super easy for us to communicate.. (Obviously) 3) We didn't really know when we're gonna see each other again.

3. We all hate it when the other bails on Skype date.
Yes. I get you. It doesn't feel great, does it?

4. When the significant other is busy for some time, you guys don't talk so much, it makes you become so ignorant, you have no interest in talking to him anymore.
You and I know this one is crucial. Because you don't communicate much anymore, or when you guys are busy, you are like.. Losing the love in between :( Which can only be saved by.. Well, talk to each other! (AND actually BE THERE for each other. Like your thoughts have to be there. Act like you are present to each other..)

Guys. This one can get really serious. Sometimes when it is too bad, and both of you can't be bothered to fix it. At least, say a prayer. I don't know about you, but it always works for me.

Hint for guys: When girls become ignorant, and has less interest in you, and is loving you less, they do not always tell you. Because, they simply don't care. You gotta be sensitive and actually talk about it. You gotta make an effort!

5. Sending presents is fun! Not to mention when he/ she receives it..
Yep. All the excitement of wrapping the present you are (or not) sure she/ he will love. And writing on the card.. Oh and of course, when you open your mailbox and see a package or a card with your partner's name on it.. Your day will be 100x brighter!

ps. please do write the right address, don't be stupid like me who intended to send a surprise-card and wrote the wrong address (he got a different address to where he actually lived), and I lost it. And i attached this polaroid photo of us on my graduation. No copy. Only that one.

6. Receiving a text when he/ she wakes up gives you jolt each time.
This mostly applies to those whose distance in their LDR is like more than 6 hours away, like when he wakes up in the middle of your day. Your mood will lift up even by a tad bit.

7. Nothing beats the feeling of meeting him/ her again at the airport..
It's crazy what love can do to your feeling isn't it. It can be upsetting, but can also be making you super, super, happy. That first tight hug in the airport.. (Unless someone else will be watching h a ((In my case, my family/ Adrian's family was there--Oh a short story, when A sent me to the airport the first time, I didn't hug him because it was still awkward around my family. A was upset (me too), that when I was lining up at for immigration, we texted and I decided to go back out to hug him without no one watching lol!)

8. When you guys finally live in the same city, it does not always mean 'Happily every after'.
All couples should be so excited knowing that they will be living in the same city. But, it doesn't always end pretty. For some people, when they are finally together (literally), they don't get along that well, quarrels and fighting every now and then, and finally made their ways to two separate ways. Being exposed to the real you's isn't easy!
Or for some other, they don't feel as special as expected with finally being together. For some other cases though, they are just so happy and do not wish on doing another round of long distance.

Additionally.. When you're finally in the same city, you might text/ talk less.

9. You feel invincible after succeeding in completing a long distance relationship.
You know all the hardship in an LD. However, when you know you both beat the distance, when you know you both have conquered the time difference, when you guys prove the people who say "Long distance relationship does not work" wrong; You feel relieved and.. invincible.

So for you guys who are still in it..
Be strong. Do not give up because it feels hard. But keep going because it was that beautiful before this started. Enjoy it. (We honestly miss it sometimes.. Nonetheless, doing 'The LDR Part 2' is definitely not at our best interest right now). Find ways to keep the fun.
Also, always make time. Always! I cannot emphasize this enough.
I hope everything turns out well.
For you guys who have beaten LD and still in the relationship..
Yay! Even so, try to spend time, feel the love, and talk as much still. Going stronger and stronger hey!

For you guys who decided to break up after being back in the same city..
At least you guys decided to be in the same city, otherwise you won't find out that you guys aren't for each other. And eventhough it's hard, eventually you'll meet this other someone who is also looking for you!
For you guys who are still in denial that you don't belong together..
You and I both know that you meet the "real" personality and character when you meet face-to-face with a person, on a daily basis. Let's not get ourselves drown to the fact that if it worked over texts, millions of good nights, and FaceTime, and you think it should work in the non LD department. As harsh as it sounds, reality hits, eventually. You know, love yourself too..

 Well of well, guess that's it for now. Hope your weekend was (or is) going well!
Been there too and working well, 
 Jeslina x

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  1. Hi, Jeslina!
    I enjoy reading your post! Well, I'm single now, but there are so many things I can learn from your post, if one day I got to be in an LDR situation ;)
    Oh, and I have always love the sleek and clean style of your blog.
    Everything's so visually satisfying, not to mention the tone of your pictures. Simply pretty!!
    And, of course the content you wrote in every post; so compact, yet full of information and stories!
    Keep up the good work, and waiting for your next post! ;)



  2. Nice post. Love your autumn look. So beautiful. And hope all couples end with sweet wedding. Then maybe next time you will write the post about marriage and wedding dresses.


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