Lost in LA: Pink Buildings and Nice Retail Spaces

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It was 2 months ago I was in Los Angeles, giving another chance for the city that I was not very fond of as a first-timer. But the second was good (thanks to my Aussie girls who did good research!). Anyways, it's a good thing to post this photos, to reminisce the hot, pretty in pink Los Angeles (I feel like many buildings/ houses were pink or pastel!).

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shot by adrian

So let's get started. Here are lots of photos from the 5 days trip.

 On the first morning, we went to Santa Monica, biking at the Venice Beach, and stopped at the Urth Caffé for lunch (Their small size coffee is actually massive, and they cost only like $3.5, and they were actually good!)

This old guy is a funny, happy chap, despite the blazing sun! Thanks for making Santa Monica more colourful, bud!

For lunch, we went to Urth Caffé, known for their good organic coffee, apparently. Their food was fresh, everything was massive. The name and what it is known for makes it seems like they only serve vegetarian friendly food, but actually they have all kinds of meat too. (What you need to know: They make good, and again, massive apple pie).

Found this nice retail space along Main St.!

 You can park your rented bikes, and walk 5-10 minutes to Abbot Kinney Blvd. It is this cool block with independent boutique and shops brewing organic coffees.

The next day we went to check out the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, so much pink alert, in the best way possible though! Psst.. They cost like $1000 per night! Oh we also strolled along Rodeo Dr.!

LA got sooo many pressed juice place, and they have nice packaging!

 In the evening, we got to go up to the Hollywood sign, which you will find so signages written "Beware of mountain lions..", "Keep out", "Danger" etc. But people been going up and down, and we asked a local who told us it's fine! (As long as you know which way to go, which wasn't difficult to figure out). It was like a 40 minutes hike, we started from here (this photo down here), it seems close, but you would go around the hill, so it took a little while. Don't forget, it's kinda hot during summer!

Next morning, we went for a fresh, healthy breakfast at the Breakfast Bowl, before heading to the famous LA museum LACMA.

Also, we met the chic from The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni, yes). We met Chiara at the Café Gratitude, she was actually so nice, shaking my hand saying "How are you, I'm Chiara", and obviously tall and super slim in person! Café Gratitude is this family-run restaurant, having a mission to spread "positive attitude" to the community, by engraving positive sayings on the plates, bathroom mirrors, walls, etc.

Next, the best part of the day was, going to see these beautiful retail shops in Melrose (So many incorporate a "garden" element in it, my favourite was The Row, unfortunately photos weren't allowed). Notably great was, The Apartment by The Line. It is a retail space, designed like a whole flat, complete with bathrooms, bedrooms, a big wardrobe, and everything in it was for sale!

And of course, we didn't forget to take the mandatory pictures at the famous pink wall of Paul Smith.

Last but not least, ending our lovely days in Los Angeles, I finally had my very first In-and-Out experience! The oh-so-California fast food!

That's it from Los Angeles. Definitely I've been enjoying it, been so inspired by all the "moodboard material" buildings, did not even complain about myself being notably tan. Lastly, missing it by much.. (Basically missing the whole trip, really).

You enjoy your week!

Pink/ Palmy/ Sunny Love: Jeslina x

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  3. Hi Jess!

    Just doing my occasional blog reading and came across reading yours again! Miss you loads x America looks pretty and it'd be a dream to go there! Catch up soon when you're in Melbs again xoxo




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