If You Think You Love New York, Think Again

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I have always been loving, dreaming, longing the New York City. Though finally I lived my dream 5 years ago during our first visit, I pretty much still adore the city very, very, deeply. You know, just like everybody else. And so, I flew all the way there for the second time, visiting the dearly beloved Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond. Here is what I think about the second visit.

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location the high line, new york
shots by adrian

...I flew to New York and stayed there 4 nights, which was a month ago. Five years have passed since my first visit, and i knew more information about the city, where I wanted to go, and things to do that we didn't do the last time (which we regretted about). The difference this time, we went in summer rather than in winter.

I didn't know if I landed with way too great expectation, or if I did not go to the right places, or really, I was only in denial. But, this visit was rather disappointing. New York City in the summer was hectic, hot, honks here and there, very busy, and not the cleanest city. The worst part was that the people were rude (I didn't have this memory 5 years ago). The traffic was bad. It took us 2 hours just to get to the other end, and ended up not doing so much in one day (Probably Subway would've worked better). Maybe my last visit felt better because it was winter and the Christmas was beautiful. 

I know, I know. Everyone has been talking about how busy New York is. And how I should have been well-aware of the fact. But having to live in the friendly, breezy Melbourne, for three consecutive years, including 4 months in the gloomy and gentle London had probably skewed my preference.


I know it was busy.
I know that some of them were rude and didn't give a damn about people.
I know it was hot and loud.
I know yellow cabs were driving like crazy.

BUT HEY. That sounds like  N E W  Y O R K K !
*Insert Frank Sinatra's "Welcome to New York" on full blast here*


1. Until I went up the Empire State building and saw this view, I forgot that I thought I hated it. 

That rooftop eatery, and Flat Iron building!
Chrysler Building!

I could hear the cars honking far beneath us from the 100-somethingth floor, and it felt rather comforting. There was this total beauty in the utter mess. Resting both of my hands on the metal gate, looking down to the endless concrete jungle. I could stand there all day, all evening. It was so peaceful! :)
2. Yes. Until I stroll along Central Park and saw the street performers, I forgot that I thought I hated it.

3. And then, until I walk The High Line (+Chelsea area) and feel the unique experience of walking at the public park turned from an elevated freight rail line, I forgot that I thought I hated it.

Also loving the Chelsea neighborhood! There's this inside-a-building Chelsea market, which I love!

4. And then, until we crossed the Queensborough Bridge, with this Manhattan skyline view, I forgot that I thought I hated it.

5. Until Brooklyn Bridge, as touristy as it sounds, it's my favourite bridge!

6. Until I crossed the street and looked sideway with all the yellow cabs and skyscrapers, I forgot that I thought I hated it.

7. Last but definitely not the very least: The Grand Central! I am loving it to bits. To bits!

 ps. that peek of Grand Central, though!

Girls and boys, on my third thought, know that I am still adoring the city, despite its hectic life. I realized all this when I got back in Indonesia, and I was missing it. And it got me thinking. I might like less chaotic cities, especially to live in. But doesn't stop me from liking New York. My last trip might not be the best, but a 5 days trip (which we spent a full day and night shopping at an outlet Woodbury and we were mostly in the very central), cannot confirm if the city is bad/ good (I don't think it's fair). But whatever, good or not, you love it or you hate it. I still think New York has this magical power, proven by how many people are dreaming about it, how writing all this makes me want to go up that Empire State again and relive Central Park. It is still one of the art center, still one portal destination where someone wants to showcase their work to the world. Even so, having the chance to travel to London in 2014, and to visit other places, I think there are so many other cities to dream about too.


There is only one New York.

Not very clean.

But there is a beauty behind each one of those points.

And that makes New York, New York.


Here are more photos from the last trip!
This Sephora building is fun!
Anthropologie, my favourite retail store in the whole world! They always have brilliant window display and visual merchandising! 

Gold sprinkler, it's everywhere!

 A peek of Flat Iron building
 Nobu's got this comfy interior!

 Nice breakfast spot at The Grand Hyatt, Grand Central
This oyster bar at the Grand Central, still got the station's interior. A unique experience for dining!
 Loving this pink bridge of Williamsburg!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend
Love you lots.

Jeslina x


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