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Friday, July 15, 2016

It was the Colorado River that surfs the Southwestern of the United States,
forming all Great, Grand, Canyons.

26 June 2016
Hello hello!
Here I am back writing to you, sitting at Phoenix's airport boarding room, while waiting for our flight to Orlando. We are flying in like half an hour, and how nice i-- Wait I think we're boarding.

15 July 2016
No. Let's start again. we were boarding that time, and we pretty much spent the whole days out in Orlando, and then was pretty busy doing last minute errands in Chicago before flying home. As always, didn't get the chance to write (Especially there's so much to tell!)

A N Y W A Y S ! H E L L O  A G A I N !

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shots by bre
I am now back in Jakarta. Ready to flow this blog with gazillion photos from the last one-month-trip to the States (So excited to tell you about our 4th of July weekend!!). During the whole month, here's the order of cities I visited: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix (for our canyon trips), Orlando and back to Chicago. Everything was amazing, everything was fun in its own way. It was also so good since I was with good company the whole time. Old friends, new friends, everyone!

Now, let's start with AZ (Aka Arizona).


So basically we arrived in Phoenix at noon. We (5 of us) rented a car, and drove 4 hours straight to Grand Canyon. Here is how it looked during the drive:


 The Navajo tribe (second largest tribe), native to America, lives here. That's why along the way, you'd find "Navajo Jewelries", "local Navajo crafts" etc.
Oh we saw this car on fire, since it was so hot, like 48 degrees Celcius hot. Or maybe more. So watch out, don't put your AC on full blast, otherwise you would heat the engines up! 

 Anyways, when we got there. This was the view we were encountered to:
It was  A M A Z I N G ! I've been seeing typical photos of Grand Canyon, but since it's so big, there are so many beautiful views of it. We got a different view of it, with the one that we went, we could see the Colorado River, which was grand. We were at the South Entrance.

And it was like 4:30 PM, where the sun was still high up. But not long after that, the sun started setting. I could see layers of canyons from afar, and God. God! Looks like a painting. I kept shooting it at the different times:

 There's this watch tower too, reflecting the Navajo tribe that you can go in. Pretty cool!

After watching the sun setting at about 8PM, we had dinner at the nearest little town called Tusayan. After checking in and showering, we were off back to Grand Canyon, to stargaze. Through research, the stars were supposed to be really good, like the-best-stargazing-in-the-world good. But unfortunately, it was cloudy that night. So we couldn't see much.

DAY 2 

We woke up so early for the sunrise at 5:20AM ish. Again, it was still cloudy, so wasn't a big success for us. Tip: Visit the canyon for 3 days, giving chances for the changing weather. There were so many elks around, btw, and there was this one we saw in the morning drinking from the water tap. We didn't get it how he turned the tap on!

 You can see that little town of Tusayan in the dawn's sun there!

After going back to sleep, having our breakfast, we were back on the road, making our way to The Antelope Canyon. You should book a tour in advance in order to go in, since we had to ride their vehicles to off-road to the canyon. However don't expect much on the tour (Or probably that was only our tour, not sure). They were only explaining something like:
"This part looks like a heart from this angle";
"This one is 'The Waterfall' *she'd throw the sand onto the rocks twice*. Take a picture here";
and the one that I remember so much was the "We call this one 'The Hallway' because.. It looks like a hallway..." Okay, tour guide. Okay.
But apart from that, you can still ask questions about the canyons, something like how it was formed etc. Oh, it was formed by rainwater during the monsoon season, where it runs through the slot of the canyons, which formed narrow to deep pathways as we can see it now.
Hello there, Scott (Adrian's roommie!)

 That is the entrance of Antelope Canyon. It's pretty narrow, you have to be by the canyon wall all the time, to make ways for the other visitors. (Oh heads up, when it was too crowded, it was pretty hot and claustrophobic)

 "The Heart"
 "The Waterfall"

 Here is a group photo of us!
Let's get back to the truck, kid!

 (So happy to be meeting with my uni friends back in Melbourne--in the best way possible :))

Next: 15 minutes drive to The Horse Shoe Bend!
So you'll arrive at this car park, and you have to walk for 15 minutes to get to the actual bend. Don't forget to bring lots of water. Put on your proper shoes too. You don't want your feet to be burnt. It was blazing! There were a few rangers and they stopped us twice because we didn't have enough water + I wasn't on the right shoes (Sorry guys!).
And so, we started walking..

The Horse Shoe Bend. You must've heard and seen it through social media. We got there, and phew! It was massive! Even much, much, greater than the photos. I was taken aback sitting on the edge, like more amazed looking at this than walking through the Antelope Canyon. The scariest part was that there was no safety barrier or anything. Like, literally, anyone could've slipped and slid-- Stop. Let's not continue. But, but, it made it so natural and wonderful. You gotta see it, peeps.

So that was it. We drove back to Phoenix city for 5 hours, stayed overnight before flying back in the morning.

 Our Airbnb stay + the beautiful neighborhood!

That was it! Back to the airport where I started this post.
Oh gosh, writing up all this makes me miss the trip so much!
So happy to share it with all of you guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Share this to anyone that might be interested in going. OH! One last thing. To compare it with Uluru, Australia, since it was also a desert experience. They are both beautiful. It's different, the similar one was the road. In Australia it was bushes and tumbleweed. While in Arizona, it was more cacti, and it was so much bigger. Like endless desert. However, the desert is more orange in Uluru. Especially during sunset, it was more golden in Uluru. But the canyons themselves, they are not comparable with any rocks, really.

That's all for the three days with the most sun exposure! New York will be next..

Love Much

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