8 Things People Do At The Central Park's Benches

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


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Hello, hello!

So I've been traveling for about 2 weeks now. Been to Chicago and New York for the first 2 weeks. I am going to go back to Chicago at the end, so I'll share with you my New York photos for now!
Clearly, it's New York. There is so many I would like to share. But in this post, let me start with Central Park!

So Central Park. I mean, who doesn't love it? Both travelers and New Yorkers love this massive park, located in the heart of Manhattan. Even John Lennon chose to live just across it.

When we went there, there were quiet a few people. Many would sit on the benches, doing their things. As I walk through the park, with the bench on the both sides of the pathway, under the tall and fat trees, I looked around. I looked around, to my right and to my left. I was figuring out what all these people were doing. So many stories behind all these faces. In my imagination, I was absorbed in these invisible bubbles above their heads, that I made up myself. Now I get it why Humans of New York loves to jot people' stories down in this very park.

So here are the things people do in Central Park:

1. Story Telling

Yep. This passionate man was (maybe just simply) trying to make the ends meet. It's very interesting how he chooses this profession, though. I am not really sure if this was what he does everyday. But I went there on Friday morning, so probably he does this as the main source of his income. Or maybe he has another part-time job as a waiter during the other days? Thanks though, to whoever you are. You make all the kids in Central Park happy, and get their fingertips off their moms' iPads. Bless you!

2. Playing Music

Are you guys music students? And trying to practice for your next exam? Or you just do gigs here and there to get people' attention, and taking the chances to be loved by the passers-by? Are you guys actually close to each other when you're not playing music? I don't know. What I know is just that you make Central Park 88% more beautiful. Thank you!

3. Do Talking

This one is very interesting, isn't it! She is probably a quirky lady that is interested in being a psychologist, but she did an engineering degree because her parents asked her to. She might used to be a wealthy one, but at the end she knew what she likes to do. Now she does this now and then, just for fun, without charging so much at all. Or, is she maybe a nun in a church, and just want to help people to keep them sane? Thanks for making Central Park.. Well, Central Park!

4. Painting

There were a couple of painters, and most of them did the same thing. These ones, clearly own this profession! They definitely keep tourists entertained.

5. Chillin'

Either doing nothing, people watching, daydreaming, having lunch breaks, or chilling with your dogs. These benches might have this invisible glue to your butt.

6. Waiting slash Killing Time

People sit and wait for someone of something here. He might be meeting a girl somewhere in Manhattan, but he arrived earlier than planned. So he sat there, looking through his Instagram stream, while waiting for her text to come through. Hope you had a nice time, bud.

7. Having a quality time
 People definitely can have quality times/ date here. Have plenty of time to talk about anything. The story of this one would probably be.. She was visiting her boyfriend for his graduation (he studies in the States). They have been together for 1.5 years, but this was only the third time they meet. Anyway, this time, he is coming home with her.

8. Taking photographs and wonder
That was me. I took all these photographs. I wondered what everyone was up to. How everyone was there. What was in their minds. And how excited I was to share all trains of thoughts with you.

Hopefully that was enough to express how beautiful Central Park is :)

That's for now, guys. Definitely speak soon!
Jeslina x

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  1. Hi Jeslina!
    Hope you have a nice holiday :)
    I also can't wait for my next trip after I finish my thesis.
    Love your shoes btw!
    Have a nice day & hope to know you better! <3

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