6 Things A Girl (Typically) Does in Jakarta After Graduating

Friday, May 27, 2016

What a girl does in between graduating and whatever comes next...

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So apparently it has been 2.5 months after I went back for good from Melbourne!
(Melbourne was beautiful, but Jakarta is not less beautiful in so many ways.)
What I'm going to share is what I have and will be doing, but this is going to be a typical series of things a Jakarta (or anywhere, really) girl would do after graduating or going back for good.

I've been giving myself a break before jumping back to applying jobs:
1. A two weeks Japan trip with the family
So many people would travel right after graduating, particularly with their family, taking the chance before getting busy with work after.

2. Cafe and restaurant hopping in Jakarta
Driving around Jakarta and spotting fun restaurants that I've been missing (Been getting myself used to drive, or else you're paralised really. But actually, Uber has been a savior lately!) I was surprised myself that there is a bunch of restaurants everywhere! Not all of them are new--though they are to me. And was fun to get to know all these local places, and also to know your way around Jakarta. Coffee places? Has been a lot too. Some are good some are just ummm (some people behind these cafes might only be thinking about a new nice place to hang out, without really (or not yet) loving coffee!) But hey! It shows how Jakarta is like boooooming in businesses. So dynamic! Loving it!
3. Catching up with oldies but goodies! 
Catching up with friends, definitely a thing that you do after separating with them for a couple of years. I've been meeting some friends from Melbourne who went back for good earlier than me, my highschool bests, also I'm waiting for friends to come home for a winter break from Melbourne, and finally have been meeting some girls from elementary! (Though to be honest, it's kinda difficult to meet with all of these people since everyone is pretty much worked up with, well, work.) 

4. "Rejuvenating" CV and browsing for jobs available
Making your CV looks fresh, and stands out from the others'. And definitely looking for what's out there in your field. And probably start applying. I've been doing it but not applying (yet).

5. Working on your exciting start-up
Other than those, people will start on their new startups. Myself, I've been using my time with working on our (me and my sisters) local shoe label, Coppelia. The most significant one that I have been working on was a web store for Coppelia (We've got the link already, but stay tune, cannot wait to share it all with you!) Been motivating myself to do it quicker as... Well.. Another big thing is coming up...

6. (Will be) Travelling in States for one solid month, woohooo!
So this would be the final break for me. Adrian is graduating, so might as well having a trip there (I mean, the flight takes like 99 hours, should make the best out of it, shouldn't I?). And another exciting part is that my best friends from Melbourne are going there as well, so we're gonna be reunited soon. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. Been having butterflies thinking about it (By the way I'm flying next week.)
I'll be bringing my laptop so I'm super excited to blog #isleofstates, and share the travel diaries with you. I'll definitely flood my Instagram stream with pictures too! And Snapchat (I'm getting addicted!) Get on board with me through @jslimanjaya :)

Also, maybe I can add another significant point, if you've got the same case with me on being in a relationship and on #teamldr (By the way that's an Indonesian--At least I think it is--hashtag thing for couples having a long distance relationship)
5b. Reunite with your long distance sweetheart a.k.a your boyfriend
It must be super exciting, as it is for me too. I'm happy for all girls out there who has been reunited. It might be another challenge, but hey! We conquered the long distance part, at least.

Alrighty.. I can go on and on with that 5th point. Let's just move on to the next part.
So as I've been going to restaurants, and went on a catch up session at Bottega Ristorante. Here are some pictures! It's such a pretty space, not so big, but nice. I mean, their big windows and woven houndstooth chairs! And the blue peacock tiles! (Observe 'em, it's like they are matching it up block by block) The food was just okay. If the place wasn't that pretty, I wouldn't be craving to go back.

Well oh well!
Was so nice to share with you again. Have a lovely weekend. Love ya!

Jeslina x

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  1. You look gorgeous! Traveling to the States must be super exciting, can't wait to see all the traveling posts!


  2. Such an beautiful look ! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow! How exciting that you are traveling to the states! I live in San Francisco. Where in the US are you visiting? Congrats on graduating by the way. Love your blog also, I am going to follow you on insta and snapchat! Let me know if you'd like to follow me as well :)

  4. Omg! Take me to the Jakarta! it's always been my dream!

    I love your outfit babe ♥

    Just added you, to my reading list! great blog!
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