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Friday, April 01, 2016

Hello again, people!
Welcome to the new Isle of View.
It's now

Too beautiful to be stored in my SD Card,
here are streams of beauty to share with.
Including some nice floor finishing at a some new Melbourne gems!

location uncommon, melbourne

  location kitty burns, melbourne

location frankie says, melbourne

location ikea

occasion white night

location smith and daughters

location qv

location melbourne university

location eight bit

location windsor

location the pillars, mt martha

Hello again, people!
Welcome to the new Isle of View.
It's now
Spent a good couple of weeks to tweak bits and pieces of the blog's designs. It wasn't actually that long, however, my indecisive self kept switching this to that. Hope you like it!
ps. you can now Pinterest anything you'd like to pin. Share share share!
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So, as you have all probably known, I'm back in Jakarta. Been in Surabaya and Bandung since two weeks ago. It does feel good to be home, however, since I'm not yet settled with everything, I'd sometimes get bored. Especially, most of my friends are at work or busy with uni stuffs. I mean, let alone our own businesses, it can be difficult to even meet since the public transport is not the friendliest thing, here in Indonesia. The worst part is.. I don't drive that much (But I will be driving more. Soon. At least until I don't hesitate to drive in between those big lorries. I mean, they are so scary!) But been catching up with a few friends, which is good as always.

A lot of friends been asking, what am I going to do after graduation?

Well. I'm currently working on Coppelia Shoes. So the plan is to work on it until mid year, and find a fashion job (in buying, probably). If you know any jobs available in Jakarta, please do let me know. And the reason why I'll only start applying by then, is because: This is the most exciting part--I'll be doing a little bit of traveling this year. The first one would start this Sunday. I am going to....... *drumroll* JAPAN! Yay! Unfortunately I won't be bringing my laptop to post recent updates. But I'll share the best photos and sweet experiences right after, for sure. And, I'll post a lot through my Instagram. So if you're keen, check it out and follow @jslimanjaya. Otherwise, search for #isleofjapan. (That's another thing that I'll start doing when I travel!)

Other than Coppelia, I'm doing a little bit of freelance work. Such as fashion photography, digital imaging and writing. So if you, or anyone you know, need any of the above, let me know!

You know, actually, with that unsettled conditions, including friends are not always around, it's difficult to not complain. But I cannot expect everything to be perfect already, with the fact that I've only been here for 2 weeks. I mean, I know I should enjoy my freedom when I have it. At least, I have all of you to write to, which always makes me feel productive.

Kay then. Hope you're enjoying your day.
Complain less, and try to make the best out of (at least) one thing you do today. 

Love you long time! 


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