An Epilogue: How I Avoid Being Overly Sad Leaving for Good

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Do you know the relief you got 
when you reach the epilogue part of a book?
That's pretty much summing up how I'm feeling now.

Only, I know that the next sequel is already out in the market.

 top dotti pants kivee shoes coppelia 
accessories some local markets clutch collette 
location Moomba Festival
shots by Jessica

Meet Jessica my wonderful best friend + photographer (I know I'm lucky)
ps. she's a graphic designer and does freenlaces! Contact her through Instagram!

So the day is here.
The day I'm flying back home, my beloved and growing-fast Jakarta.
Everyone has been asking the exact same thing:

"How are you feeling?"

Each day I'd answer different answer:

"So sad to leave this beautiful city."

"*silence* *trying to diagnose what I'm feeling* You know what? Mixed feelings."

"I'm so excited! I'll have this, this, and that to do right after I touch down (One of the "this" is going to be sleeping.. Been having so little sleep lately (re: anxiety))"

But whether you're sad or you're happy, really, it depends on how you think about it. 
How you want to think about it. It's almost controllable.

And for me:

I don't think it as an ending. It's more like a completion.
I don't think it at completely stopping on something, and starting a whole new thing.
Instead, I think it more as casually continuing.
I mean, Melbourne is still going to be there. We're dynamic humanbeings who can move around. 


There are so many things to look forward to.
(Tips: When you're leaving for good, make sure you make a whole list of plans of what you're gonna do on the next sequel of your book."

Pretty sure, you've heard and seen so much about Melbourne from Isle of View.

Let me quickly conclude the end of my "book" titled Isle of Melbourne.

1. Constant gratitude (Like so much).

2. I got very, very, emotional with all the extra attentions I got, especially a month before today. I've been catching up with people in the middle of their busy days, people texting me asking to meet up after ages not meeting them, and when we meet, most of them would do almost anything I love that would make me happy. People driving so far to meet me.

3. I want to thank all of my angels who've been helping me with moving my stuffs (Especially the ones who are soooo willing to spare their space in their compact apartments to store my stuffs, before bringing 'em back to Indonesia).

4. All of dear readers (or photo viewers) who've been here with me all along writing "my book".

 I'll see you soon!

And Indonesia, I'm so ready for you!!

Jeslina xxxxxxxx

location Federation Square

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