8 Ways Melbourne Has Changed An Indonesian Like Me

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Stopping in between the woods;
the sound of leaves brushing against each other,
the wooshing sound of passing cars once in a while,
the fresh crisps against my skin.
Brought me to the thinking of 
how living three years in Melbourne
has made some changes in myself.

top karen millen clutch colette shoes wittner   
necklace jolie and deen earrings lovisa watch larsson and jennings rings lovisa
location dandenong woods
shots by eugene ezra

The photographer of the day was wearing a fun outfit too! Let's check her out and be inspired!

Thanks E for the beautiful pictures! :)

Let's see how the most beautiful city Melbourne has done it to me (and most probably to you too)!

Before moving forward, I'd like to share with you that, well, I'm leaving Melbourne for good.
Why? The visa did not work out well and is not letting me to stay. Wait. That's so negative, isn't it. Let's put it this way, the visa lets me look at the opportunities available in Indonesia (or other country), such as focusing on working on Coppelia Shoes in Indonesia (super excited for it), and probably other ventures.

As you've probably known, I'm such a thinker, a sucker for not contemplating and not wondering how things should work, why things work in such particular ways, etc. (Congratulations if you get what I meant by the last sentence. You're on board with my trains of thoughts.) Therefore, I was thinking and reflecting on my journey in Melbourne, and realised a couple of things that have changed in me (or are new to me).

So here they are:

7 Ways Melbourne Had Changed Me

1. Melbourne taught me how to coffee

Oh gosh. I've heard people claiming Melbourne to have the best coffee in the world. Apparently, they did not lie. The coffee here, is winner. I used to not drink it, but the coffee culture here has awakened my love to coffee. The first sip is always the best.
Personally, my favourite coffee is from 1) Toby's Estate (get the Brunswick beans) 2) Manchester Press. But I always get soy flat white from them.
(But if you like fruity coffee (re: taste more sour), you'd want to grab your coffee from Brother Buba Budan.)

2. I enjoy talking to strangers more than ever
Either in an elevator or on a tram, a question like "Is Life with Bird having a sale?" after looking at my shopping bag--does not bug me anymore. I used to feel a bit awkward when people make conversations on my early Melbourne days. I used to keep wondering where someone got their nice boots from without actually asking. But now, "Where did you get it from" pops so easy from my lips, whenever I feel like it. I'm so happy answering people asking directions too. Quick-chatting with strangers has its own enjoyment.

3. I used to hate being greeted by sales assistants
In Indonesia, you don't get greeted by sales assistants. I used to feel "watched" when sales assistants greeted me. But I'd be disappointed if I didn't get my greetings when entering stores now! (There is a thin line between greetings and bugging you from shopping though)

4. Realising how price tags come with other benefits beyond the physical product itself

When I shopped, I could quickly judge if a product was too expensive by looking at the product physically. That's why I used to think everything was way too expensive. Whereas, right now, I tend to look at the benefits coming with it, such as: Indulging shopping atmosphere, store assistants being helpful and the happy feeling I get afterwards. I look at a product or services to further extents.

5. Brunch. Is. Love.
 hotcakes at Kettle Black
bircher muesli at top paddock
scallop something from Hardware Societe
can't remember what this was, but it's from Hardware Societe
my favourite brunch interior, Kettle Black
hidden cool Captains of Industry

I mean, who doesn't love brunches?
Especially Melbourne brunches!
Most brunch places, indeed, serve similar types of food--toasts, runny poached eggs, mushrooms and so many more loves. But each has their own goodness. They compete in having the perfect balance for all saltiness, sweetness and gooey-ness in a plate. They compete in quickly serving the big breakfast so the toasts would still make a crunching sound when you first bite it *crunch*. And most importantly, how the sweet brioches are able to immerse perfectly in your flat white...
You know, I can write non-stop describing all these. And non-stop photogenic yummy-ness.

6. Sun is my best friend

I used to not like it. Worrying all the time about getting burnt. But I learnt that as long as you have your sunscreen handy, and always keep a bottle of aftersun gel at home, you'll be fine.
As surprising to myself, I enjoy sunbathing now. The brown glow you get and the straight bikini lines. This is probably the second thing I'll miss about Melbourne (after coffee).

7. Long distance walking? Let's do it! 

As long as I've got my Nikes on, or all the cute summer sandals, I don't mind walking at all! (However it becomes a whole different story during Winter)

8. Taking picture of a stranger is a no
Did you use to take a little chubby kid's photo? I did. They are just toooooo cute to ignore. Toooo cute to not snap and freeze their adorable mini features. But now, even though you really want to, you just can't. You know it's not right. You know most people would be offended and mind it. I'd usually retake-and-delete a picture when someone's in it (particularly when the face is clearly shot, as it's impossible to get a perfect no-strangers-at-all photos).

That's a wrap for now. Happy to share all those with you.

I'll talk to you soon.
(Less than 2 weeks, I promise)

Jeslina x

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