Jeslina Turned 22

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The people I love,
breakfast by the beach,
cakes and
all the lovely surprises.


I'm officially 22 spoilt.

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location albert park
shots by bre

 On Jan 27th, I turned 22!
So this post is especially addressed to the ones making it special, including all the lovely personal messages you dropped (something small to you might mean so much to someone else).

That day was too lovely that I cannot not write it down here.

1. Breakfast by the Beach
Me and B went to South Melbourne beach (we planned to actually go sunbathing but rain was forecasted--though, of course. Melbourne's weather's unpredictable most times), and we had a nice breakfast at N'Shry.

I had this N'Shry Breakfast, which got this crumbed poached eggs, brocollini wrapped prosciutto (Not a big fan of prosciutto, but the crumbed poached egg was good). Also having a meal by the beach always, always, work. (For those in Aussie, let's do it before it gets too chilly!)

 2. Surprises at the Garden
So JC is so good at hiding surprises (To be honest, I always get anxious and think of every possibilities how my birthday will be made special, every year--This is bad I really need to stop this habit gosh). But this one, she didn't look suspicious.

So I asked if she could meet me at this factory outlet (a little bit of spending on your birthday isn't a crime, is it?). Which, she could (Though she would be late because she had to finish this thing which I bought totally).
Not long after I arrived just at the park nearby, she came fumbling, her hands full of this massive sunflowers (Thanks, AH, you best!), in her other arms were 2 brown paperbags of presents and a delish chocolate cake which she alrady gave up carrying and was put on this bench.  (Lol! So sweet and funny remembering it)

But once she gave me one by one, delivering all of them from everyone--plus herself too of course--who cannot be here for my birthday, I was overwhelmed and so touched by all these....... . Even though it was just the two of us there, blowing candles, but, these people made their best for them to "be there". That's what matters most :)

 3. Another Cake from This Family
And of course, another (yummy) cake from my other Melbourne family.
(I was cake-high for the next couple of days, guys. BTW I'm not complaining!)


4. Post Birthday Pressies
 This is when being spoilt was neverending..
ps. I love your pressies as much though you can't find the picture below! *wink*

5. Oh, Happy Belated 'Straya Day!
 I found this when I was strolling at Port Melbourne's shops area.
Read the beautiful prayer.


Well, well!
In summary,
I had a happy birthday and thank you!


I can't stop thanking you dear readers!
To keep keeping up with Isle of View.
(It's already her 4th year this year)

Jeslina xx

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