7 Things I Do to Stop Myself from Complaining

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"I'm not complaining,
I'm just saying.."
Well, maybe there's a better way to solve things
rather than to keep saying 'I'm just saying' to everyone you meet!

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shots by william

The photographer of the day was wearing a cool outfit, might as well let you guys be inspired by him!

Lately, I've been encountered by so many unpleasant things that makes me complain so much. However, I've always known that complaining is not the best to do anytime! So, I've done things to make myself better. Am still working on it, but, one shall try their best. Hopefully helpful for you too!

7 Things to Do to Stop Yourself from Complaining

1. There might be 10 reasons to complain, but I remember the x reasons to be grateful.
Even though if you list it down, and the number of reasons to complain exceeds the number to be grateful, be grateful anyway. Personally, being grateful is the mantra of my life. If you look at your surroundings, so many are less fortunate than you are.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of the people hearing your complaints
I'm sure, you've had days when your friends keep coming to you complaining x and z, same matters, same complaints, different days. Then at some point, you'll start getting the negativity, and doesn't feel good afterwards. Or some people might be annoyed listening. You don't want to be the person giving bad impressions to people, do you?
Ps. Complain to the right people is the wisest! To your closest persons, your sisters, boyfriend or best friends. They shouldn't be judging as much.

3. Make it as a precious chance to be a better person
You're probably going through a rough patch, however let's make the best out of it. Rather than it lessening your joy, let it be a chance for you to grow. If you can control yourself from complaining on small matters, you'll be ready to have a grip being in the next level (e.g. careers). Whatever you decide to do now, will affect what kind of person you will become.

But we gotta know the difference between letting whatever's bugging your mind, as won't be good for ourselves too. Talk to someone or read point #7 down here.

4. Think about how long it would last, or do something about it
Okay. So when I'm going through a tough time when I keep complaining, I'm assuring myself that it will be over soon, or I just simply need to get used to it. I'm pretty sure, if it's only a short time, when it's all over, you look back, and everything seems so funny or so small! (And you'll be proud if you went through it all well)

or (this is important)

If you are not sure when it's all going to end, or will end in a long time, do something about it. Talk to someone, think about any changes that you can do to make you happier (or best for you and your surroundings). See if whatever changes you need to do will worth the hassle vs. your concerns. Or even if you don't have to make changes, add something onto it, or talk to anyone causing your unhappiness. Make an effort to avoid anything/anyone steal your joy!

5. Go to bed already, sisters
When you're being annoyed at night. Go to bed. Watch a funny movie before falling asleep (It's Complicated, with Meryl Streep in it, worked for me the other day). And you'd feel so much better when the sun is out.

6. Spend the day being outdoor
The logic is easy. Keep yourself busy, doing something that you don't usually do, with the friends you love, the sun shining on top your head (Even when it's raining, try leaving your room). Then you'll realise that so many more fun things to do than complaining.

7. Pray and eat Cheerios 
Instead of talking to people, at the end of the day I always talk (I try to minimise me complaining to God though). He wouldn't be agreeing to me and amplify my rants. I'd have this peace that I don't usually get from anywhere :)

Or meditate! If that usually works for you. Basically, do the things that give you a peace of mind. Talk! Talk to your boyfriend (Thanks, A!), talk to your best girls (Thanks J or S or E or B or L! Lol you know who you all are.)

And, I know this might not be the wisest advice of them all :P, I would eat Cheerios and cold milk, even when it's in the middle of the night. But promise yourself one thing, that it will fix you.

That's the end of it!

On the same day the pictures were taken, we went to Northern Light and Lui Bar for Valentine's day.
Northern Light's food was okay, not super to be honest. The food is too ordinary for the look of the place itself, still delish however. Unfortunately, I heard they're closing doors.
Lui Bar, wasn't as buzzing as the buzz. It's just because it's located on the 90 something-th floor, but not super. I was disappointed by their interior situation. It's so standard, they put a couple of gold couches, there's this rectangular empty un-furnished space which was awkward. Also, if they brought the temperature lower a bit, it would be better.
But still a good place to chill, especially if you sit by the window, having quality talks. Their washroom is pretty cool also. The view, of course, winner. Would be best to come for the sunset, though. If I've get the chance to, I would do that!
That's all for now!
I'll talk to you soon
and have a productive week!

Jsl x

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