The Great Uluru!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Piercing 42 degrees Celcius heat
Unstoppable annoying huge flies
Endless road and bushes
The majestic golden sunset

Welcome to our Uluru adventure!

At Dusk
dress sportsgirl shoes coppelia headpiece lovisa
location Uluru, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT

Landing our feet at the Ayers Rock Conellan Airport; eyes blinded by the blazing sun, skin brushed by the way-too-warm wind. Sunscreen and sunnies are crucial here. Oh and lots of water.

So Uluru (Or also known as Ayers Rock), the big rock that you must've seen a lot identical as "Australian Outback Experience"  is actually located in the Northern Territory's Red Centre desert, with the nearest large town Alice Springs. It is within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which possesses other beautiful sandstone such as Kata Tjuta.

Uluru, is sacred for the locals, therefore, better to behave when you're in the area. We used to be allowed to climb the rock, however, the locals prohibited us to climb anymore. Not little tried to climb it up, and died in the attempt.

Let's me tell you briefly about the adventure and highlights.
So we landed in Ayers Rock, and drove to the nearby largest city, Alice Springs. It took us about 4 hours to get there. On the way, it's all dry as far as you can lie your eyes on. This was where I was like "So. This is the "outback Australia" people been fussing about". The good thing was, there was no coverage, therefore it was a total 4 hours quality time with your loved ones, singing along to any songs (tips: make sure to fill up your iTunes with as many favourite songs, or subscribe to Spotify Premium!)

Don't forget to pull over during the sunset. Step out of the car, and immerse yourself into the golden hour.

We stayed in Alice Springs for 2 nights, and we spent the days at different rocks, and so much driving. We visited: Kings Canyon, Simsons Gap, Ormiston Gorge and Rainbow Valley.

Kings Canyon

Simsons Gap
Ormiston Gorge, when we were planning, we couldn't be bothered to swim here, however it was so hot that we wished we've brought some swimsuits! You'll swim with cute lil' fish!
Rainbow Valley
We planned to arrive at Rainbow Valley by sunset, however we missed it as we lost track of time cooling down in one nice restaurant. However, we got there and altered plan to stargaze instead, and we loved it. Heads up for the 20km ish quiet, dark, barely-saw-anyone, between-the-bushes, and wild-rabbits-and-buffaloes-wandering-around road. The road was offroad kinda road, rather than concrete pavement. The four of us tensed up (but trying to chill by playing all sorts of games), it felt super adventurous. (Especially when we saw a local grandma tried to stop our car to help her. Tips: do not get down, just call the emergency number so they can deal with that stranger grandma). But when we got there, we never regretted the long, full-of-anxiety road. (We even found 3-4 European campers at the end of the road).
Also! For the first time I saw tumbleweeds! Which I found very cute. It's like a snowball rolling by itself, only it's made out of roots, bushes and dried branches.

"A very warm Summer night,
wind blowing a bit aggressive
Two lovers were just finishing their sandwiches.
She grabbed a chair from the backseat.
Both gazing through what was above their heads.
Soaking their souls, to the nature,
far away from reality.

No lights, just the stars. 
And a bright, bright full moon."

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 We went back to the hotel, and slept.
The next morning (3rd day), we woke up early and drove back to Ayers Rock.
  (We bought a half watermelon, was a great idea for the extremely dry weather)

We went to the National Park, which you've found the pictures in the beginning of this post!


I apologise for the too late post of Uluru trip!
Hopefully all the adventure stories and pictures made up for it.
If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to drop a message!
(heads up for more pictures)

Jeslina x


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