If Your New Year Resolution Was Never Fulfilled

Sunday, January 03, 2016

31 Dec 2014, 11:55 PM
me and my sister in our bed, I was sick
 Me: Next year, I want to spend the NYE in Sydney. They should have cool fireworks too.
31 Dec 2015, 10:05 PM
me and my sister picnicking at the observatory hill, Sydney, waiting for the fireworks
Sis: Last year you said you wanted to be in Sydney for NYE, remember?
location observatory hill, Sydney
I don't know if you do, but I do believe in the power of words (as in the ones that you say out loud).
It's not that there's a true magic in it, i feel like the logic goes like this:

Think 'A' > Say 'A' out loud > you hear what you say and it automatically embeds in your mind  
> you tend to do things toward that 'A' unconsciously > Without you realising it, 'A' happens


Think 'A' > Not say 'A' out loud > it's just in your mind, the 'A' will sit there in the back of your mind but not as vivid as if you did say it out loud > you won't tend to do things toward 'A', as the thought mixes up with other thoughts.

ps. I feel like the power of writing it up can even be more powerful than saying it out loud, since you'll see it often! 

As it is the fresh new year, write up what you want to achieve this year!!
Put it in your timeline, and achieve accordingly (Aim for the moon, at least you'll get the stars)

Another personal tip from me:
I won't blab to too many people about my important goals and wishes, or it will add the pressure and I will feel like being watched and judged when it doesn't go as planned.
Also, I watch out for the people who might say "Really? That's going to be impossible, I mean the fact that ...", don't let this stop you.

I mean, yes, we gotta be realistic, but, try to avoid the negative thoughts from around you that will make you doubt even before starting. Instead, you can share it with your best ones (I usually keep most of it to myself), and involving God is never wrong.

That was a short happy new year tip from me, hopefully helpful.

We went to Blue Mountain on the 31st, it was so pretty! It reminded me so much of Jurassic World.

Merry Christmas and

Here's some pictures from Sydney during NYE.
Honestly, it was the best fireworks so far (Observatory Hill is a great spot, make sure you come early, I was there from 6:30PM).

Before ending this post.. I'm going to do this, inspired by Frankie the latest edition:

(Join me in the fun through comment boxes below! So fun)

Top 15 Things I Did Last Year

1. Lived in London with my best friend
2. Internship with Paper
3. Traveled to The Scottish Highland
4. A photoshoot in London for Coppelia Shoes
5. A pop-up market for Coppelia at Euphoria
6. Met the humble Pak Habibie
7.  First paid fashion job at a Melbourne based fashion distributor MMMC
8. Went to Sydney for the first time
9. Coppelia being featured on a printed magazine JKT Java Kini
8. Visited GIA, and realised how the (interior fit out) design area is developing in Jakarta,
and how I saw potential in the area!
8. Spent solid 9 days with Adrian--as a boyfriend
9. Coppelia's store launch at Baywalk, Pluit
10. Got my thesis done and dusted!
11. Outback adventure in Uluru, with my (just found) precious three people
12. Joined Karen Millen as a stylist!
13. Graduation
14. Family and best ones flew to Melbourne for me!
15. Picknicking at the observatory hill and the fireworks in Sydney for New Year's Eve
(and realising that what I wished the year before was accomplished)

Well well!

I hope to share you more good news, pretty pictures, anything that inspires you, and of course spread so much love. AND, for the past year, thanks for reading (Isle of View so much!), thanks for the comments (it means so so much, and keep giving your feedback through commenting, personal messages, anything), and of course, thanks for sharing my posts (again, it means so much)!

Jeslina x

ps. no, I haven't forgotten to post my Uluru trip. Apology!

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