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Friday, January 29, 2016

Under the purple bougainvilleas
facing the sterling blue salty water.
Brisbane, you're a beauty. 

dress gorman earrings lovisa bag seed laptop case marc by marc jacobs
location southbank, brisbane

In mid January, me and my sister went to Brisbane, as she used to study there for a bit (I used to visit her a lot as well). So it felt good to be back, same place, with not-all-the-same-people. Or even with the same people, but with all these new updates/ changes.

Thinking about it, it's so funny how many things can happen in a year or two.
It's also funny (or sad?) how someone can change so-unexpectedly-much in no time.
But it's always best to have an understanding heart, under what circumstances why such thing happens. So you won't be left with a disappointment. I've written a lot how people change, haven't I?

More photos from beautiful sterling sea-water Broadbeach.
It's not so far away from where the main beach was,  Surfers Paradise.
Broadbeach is so much more quiet, water's more blue, sand's cleaner.

Food from Brisbane is good also!
Including this new buzzing donut place (Donut Boyz), and forever-super-good milk tea from Sakuraya, the korean beef stew from Funny Funny, and the beef pho from Pho Hien Vuong, Market Square. (These three have always been my never-not-to-eat-in-Brissy food)

That's all from me,
and heads up for my birthday photos soon on the blog!
(Jeslina just turned 22, yay!)

Jeslina x

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