Everything Is More Attractive When You Cannot Have It

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go"

pink outerwear hm
shoes coppelia
location soho, london

 I realise I have not shared many photos we took in London, for our shoe label Coppelia.
So here you go.
(Meet my lovely friend A.S.)
All were taken by Fitria.

skirt hm

Another train of thoughts!
A thought about what humans tend to feel/ think/ do.

So about last week, I submitted all of my assignments, took all of my final exams.
During those period (it was neverending, btw), stress hit: not being able to sleep, constantly munching on Maltesers, and not having the mood to chat with people most of the time (I didn't hate you and thanks for bearing with me).

During those times, all I could think of was:
"Okay. Jeslina. You can do this. After this, you can switch on Netflix 24/7, you can chill at home flicking any magazines you want. And long holiday is just in the corner".

I kept asking myself to stop mourning over the pile of tasks. To stop cursing on each task I was in the middle of.

By reminding myself of all the rewards that I will get soon enough.


One week later...

 The endless assignments were finally done.
No more studying for exams.

Time for 24/7 on Netflix??
Surprisingly.. Meh. Not really.

Because the idea of:
-24/7 Netflix
-Any magazines reading

Is not as interesting as it was last week.
Things seem to be more interesting when they are not doable.
Things are more valuable when you cannot have it.
It's similar with how you don't value your new pair of sunnies as much as
when you haven't purchased it.

Or most importantly.
You realise that something is very valuable when it/ she/ he/ they is not around you anymore.

Well oh well. Humans.
(Not that I'm not enjoying my on-Game of Thrones-all-day-everyday.
But.. You get me.)

Let's be wise together?

source: wickedcampers
As I've told you the other day!
I'll be going on a very exciting outback trip
(I'm trying to suppress my excitement and not to over-expect, 
otherwise I might not enjoy it as much ((lesson learnt)) ).
To the Northern Territory of Australia..

U l u r u !
Y a y !

I'll make sure to share photos (like a lot) with you.

Speak soon,

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