Selecting the Right Companion

Saturday, October 31, 2015

"When you are 
the smartest person in the room, 
you're in the wrong room"

earrings olga de polga
 location canola field, tarneit and dandenong
(In case you're wondering, the canola field is no longer here. 
It was there only for a bit at the beginning of Spring. It's super beautiful though!)
photographed by Ezra

Have the chance to write again!
#unilife #lastyearbelike

But you know what! One more exam to go and I'm free.
(Literally free from uni!)

Anyways. Jumping in to my point of view..

I, personally, get really excited when about to knowing something new.
Such as, meeting up with people who are not from the fashion industry (which I am pretty familiar with), and having conversations about what they do.
You know, like if they work for the government, work as a city tour guide or work as a kinder teacher.

Or, meeting up with those people who radiate positive vibes, or inspiring.
Or those people who--you don't know how--they motivate you. Like after seeing them, you just automatically feel inspired and motivated, and before you know it, you have a train of thoughts of what you are wanting to do.

Those are the kind of person you should spend your time the most with.
Not that you should abandon the others, that's mean!
Even better, if you can be the one inspiring them.

Credits to Ez, who inspired me to write about this!
Here she is.

Us and our love to worship

Also also, I'm going on an exciting trip at the end of November.
Really cannot wait to share it with you all.

 Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Jsl x

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