5 Wise Things to Do When You're Sick of What You Are Doing

Saturday, September 12, 2015

You Complaining
Will Do Nothing Better.
Am I right, or am I right?


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"I'm sick of my job."
"I'm so sick with this assignment."
"I'm so bored with all this routine."

Those words.
I've heard it for so many times, from many people. Even from myself.
Yes, sometimes you're allowed to complain. Sometimes you're allowed to let it out so at least you're not keeping it to yourself.

There's a limit. I learnt that by you keeping saying those words, won't free you from the stress. Once or twice, it might lessen your burden, but saying it more than that, will sink yourself lower, and lower.
Why? Because when you recite those words, you're not only reminding yourself that you're on something very unpleasant, but also spreading the negativity to your surroundings. And then, when they get that negative vibe, it will repel back to you, and instantly, it will be a room of negative vibes. Results: You becoming more pressured and not motivated to do your work.

I might have exaggerated it. But surely, you get my points.
Sometime, you're so lucky to have people around you that radiate positive aura, and encourage you in doing it. But sometimes, maybe you're with your friend whose also being cranky, therefore her/him becoming very negative also and not lift you up.

In times like this, you cannot always depend on someone else.
When this happens, you need to save yourself.
In short, you shall get yourself motivated.


1. Remind yourself what's the end goal of what you're doing.

(e.g. I have done a couple of internships for fashion companies. Unpaid, of course. Tiring, absolutely.  Some mornings, it's really hard for me to get up knowing I'll be in the office for another long 8 hours. However, I remind myself what's the end goal of me interning there; to be hired. Then I realised me complaining won't maximise my performance. And then, not maximising my performance won't impress the potential employer. This perseverance and positivity, are actually the things that they're seeing, are the things that differ you from other candidates.
So yes. I got up and and motivate myself. And then, after a long 1 month of hard work, I ended up working for that company, and this time it's paid work, *checked*.

Important: If you don't know anymore what's your end goal of what you're working on, better spend some time to reflect and think about it. My suggestion is, don't ask too many people for input, coz at the end you yourself know yourself best.

2. Take a moment, see what's good in it. 

This might be hard. But try to see it from different perspective.
What benefit does it give you? There must be at least one benefit!
For myself, when I'm doing volunteer work and it's tiring, I'd see it as gaining experiences (which I believe to be the best guru) and be friends with so many kind and smart people, or how to deal with them. Surely it will be beneficial :)

3. Try to make it fun yourself!

When I'm so unmotivated doing work, I'll phone my friend up, meet up for blueberry bagels and soy latte at Manchester Press (oh yes my favourite), and go to The Docks (the most peaceful library in Melbourne CBD), and study there.
Find a new environment. Bring a friend.
Listen to Bieber's "What do you mean"--oh never been Bieber's biggest fans, but this one got me hooked.
Or when you're sales assisting or wait staffing or interning at hospitals, make a game yourself.
Maybe you want to challenge yourself to make 10 strangers to smile back at you!
On a side note, it's nice to smile to strangers, but even better when they smile back.

4. Look around and realise that you're more fortunate than God-knows-how-many people.

Come on.
At least you have a job.
At least you still have nice house to live.
At least you have your family and friends to support you.
Or, at least you have Spotify and let Chet Faker accompany you on your assignments! *wink
Be grateful is key, dear.

5. Stop complaining and just do it.
This one is pretty straight-forward, yet powerful.
I'm not a perfect self myself either. I often get stressed and feel unmotivated. However, at the end I'll be reminded to stop complaining, and just do it. Do it once at a time. But, keep doing it.
It's better to move bit by bit than not at all, right?

When you're at your lowest, stick with your friends/ family that have positive vibes. But, it's always very wise to start it from yourself.

Let's make positive thoughts becoming more contagious than negative thoughts!

Hopefully helpful,

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