When You're Afraid Good Things Will Come to An End

Saturday, August 22, 2015

When they say
"Cherish Every Moment",
whoever say it,
they mean it.

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My semester holiday is over. Am now back in Melbourne, finishing off my last semester (yay!).
Looking back to the last 5 weeks, it was a pleasant holiday;
was at home, days were nice and warm, family was around, friends were still the same, dogs were cute.
Before the holiday started, I remember telling this to a friend: 
"I'm so excited for this holiday! This semester was tiring, and now I gotta relax and fly home.
However, so sad thinking about how quick it will pass. Pretty sure suddenly I'll be back again in Melbourne, doing the same routine."
Let me repeat what I said:
"..So sad thinking about how quick it will pass..."
That was such a bad statement.
My friend E then replied:
"Jes. You know, people tend to think this way
For instance, when you're on an exam, you'll be so excited thinking about the coming break.
However, when you're actually on your break, you won't enjoy it as much as you thought you would, just because you think about how it will eventually end."
Well. Credits for you, E. That's so true.
"So, Jes. You better enjoy and cherish every right-at-this-moment's, before it passes.  
Because you will enjoy everything less when you think about its ending."
Well, pretty sure you get what I was meaning to share with you!
So yes, breathe every single second of every moment.
You know, just like you enjoy each spoonful of cheesecake, without thinking that it'll be gone soon
(difference is, you can buy another cheese cake :P).
Here are some pictures from home, featuring all my loved ones.
This one's Levina, my sis.

This fluffy friend of mine, Pucil.
My other sister, Karina.
And.. Meet Adrian, everyone.
You know, that part-time-lover-and-full-time-friend kinda friend :D
Bunch of high school friends.
That surely will be keeping in touch for a long, long time.

Some brothers and a sister.

Last but not least, Chibi!
I've always loved taking pictures of myself and the precious.
And make the moments last :)

Love you lots,

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