'When Everything Falls Apart' is A Blessing in Disguise

Saturday, May 07, 2016

When you think everything is falling apart,
it is actually an examination for you to go to the next level.



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Two nights ago, Adrian to Jeslina, via FaceTime:
"... Coach came up to me after I finished my 18th. She couldn't hide her sadness, and she went 'Thank you for a great four years. I'm sorry it didn't end the way you would've liked to ... '"

So apparently last week was a big week for college golfers' in the States. And so it was for my golfer boyfriend. Him and his team were competing in Big East Conference, an annual conference that selects which team goes national. This was the 4th (and the last) conference he attended, and the last 3 cups were not theirs to bring home. So obviously, positive Adrian was so hoping to get the last one. You know, gotta make the last one lasts
Long story short, this one wasn't for him either.
I don't think I need to elaborate how upset we were. Just remember when you were cheering for your basketball school team, and they didn't end up winning.

It didn't stop there. Adrian also had another news on the same night. It wasn't very pleasant, either. So there was this award that he got into, that required him to create an essay which he had written beautifully. But nope, he didn't get it.

Wait. Bear with me. Another one was, so he's in the run of this award thing, which requires certain GPA and golf stroke average of below 76 (I don't get this too but anyways). And because of the Big East, his average got over 76 by a little. Yep. Almost. So close yet so far (I feel you, Addy. I'm sure the readers do too).

"All of a sudden, it feels like things are just falling apart!"

I'm sure this doesn't only happen to him. I've been in that stage too a couple of times. You might have been in the same situation too. Like, you're just frustrated and want to bury yourself under your blanket and holding a pint of Cookies and Cream Häagen-Dazs with a spoon on the other hand.

In times like this though, there's one thing I believe. You're actually being tested whether you can pass the stage of being in the bottom, and whether you can get back up again. Like, if you "lose" in a small scale something, how would you be able to withstand the pressure being in a big scale something? Surely the higher you get, the challenges are more, never less. If your boss gives you 10 tasks a day, and you give an attitude, how would he trust you with 11 tasks a day? How would he trust you with a higher role? Whether or not you can complete the 10 tasks, your peer/ your boss will be more interested to see how you manage handling the stress. How you are different with the other ones in completing the endless tasks.

I mean, it's still going to be difficult even though you've noticed this blessing in disguise. But one can only try their best in the next shot, no? One can only try their best in finding their best companions in times like this.
Well. Everything is so straightforward here. Surely you've got my point! Hopefully it helps. And, let's all pass the "test" and go up on the next level. The "getting up" part has won you already.


ps. After lunch, his coach also added, "Hey, one round of golf or one score doesn't determine who you are".

Well well! 
So I went to these 3 places this week. We went to Gastromaquia, Caribou Coffee and Monty's. They aren't like brand new in Jakarta. But pretty interesting to visit. Quick say about each place:

1. Gastromaquia
Food was okay, we loved that potatoes on the side of the stuffed chicken; crispy skinned chippies! Would I go again? Maybe not.

2. Caribou Coffee
Jakarta hasn't got so much soy latte. Was so excited because they have one, only the soy milk used was sweetened. So, no good. If you plan to stay for a long time, go upstairs for more comfy seats. They've got WiFi too, only the last time I was there it wasn't working.
Would I go again? Yes, only no more soy, just normal latte.

3. Monty's
This was the second visit. And it was better than the last one, because we ordered this wine-chocolate bombshell! And they are having a happy hour promotion, IDR135000 for main and some dessert selection (11-3PM). Monty's so good to chill though. Very well air-conditioned, comfy cushion. Their mains are too pricey with the normal price!
Would I go again? Yes, just to sit around and a round of drink maybe.

That's about it for now. Hope your long weekend was lovely for fellow Indonesians.
Lots of love,
Jeslina x

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