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Friday, August 21, 2015

Maybe more familiar for those living/ studying in the U.S.
It sometimes is mistaken with prom. It sounds similar, but they both are different.
Prom is usually taken place in Spring, while Homecoming is in Fall.
Homecoming is a tradition to welcome the returning alumni/ resident in a highschool/ college.

And besides the pretty decorations, overflowing finger food, young and fun ambiance, some cute guy to dance with and not to mention... Beautiful dresses!

Couple days ago, I came across this website, Cocomelody.
It's a webstore that specialises in dresses, since 15 years ago.
Clearly, it shows their expertise and passion that shine through their dress choices.
So for those who are attending homecoming--or even any other parties!--or your sister/ friend are. This webstore is worth to look at. They have so many choices, that would suit any of your body shapes, any occasions. You can choose any kind of necklines; sweetheart/ sccop/ halter/ off the shoulder/ or illusion, which many girls wear right now.

Here's some of them! On the left, if you feel like going Cinderalla-only-better hehe.
And the right one. I've always loved dresses with back details. So alluring and gorg and sweet! The right one also comes with red!

Here's some more of the homecoming dresses!
 I'd wear the right one.

There are also homecoming dresses under 100
Worth every penny ;)

Not to mention..
They currently are having this promotion! Free shipping, chics.
What can be better!
You have your chance till 10th of September.

So start browsing and spread the word, lovelies! 

Jeslina x

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