Happy 70th Birthday, Indonesia!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Even if you study overseas,
give something back to your country.
Don't take it for granted.

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Hellooo, people.
How have you been?

So happy that Melbourne's getting warmer (Hopefully this is not one of those weather-false-hopes).
But be prepared for next week, Melbourne's going to be a little bit moody.. Gloomy..
Oh well, as long as you have your latte in your hand.. Or that soy hot chocolate from Koko Black.. Or that soy cap from Krimper (Just had it this morning. Geeewd. Even when it's cold. Okay I have to admit. This is kinda gross. But lately, I've been enjoying turned-cold coffee....)

Well well.
Yesterday I went to a talk organised by Indo-Aussie student association 
(Well done, Bincang Merdeka. I'm proud).
This was to commemorate Indo's Independence Day 70 years ago.
So they brought some influential public figures from Indonesia, who used to study overseas, but at the end went home to Indonesia and are now working and contributing there (*applause*). They are giving something to our country, by being an inspirational presenter/ reporter/ scientist/ entrepreneur.

So thanks to last night's talk--hopefully other students were as inspired and motivated as me.

I've heard it so much from many people, especially those who are studying overseas.
How they want to live somewhere else, not in Indonesia. How they just see the bad's of Indonesia.

But hey seriously.

Albeit the flaws, we all know that Indonesia got so much to show off about. 
I'm not going to mention it one by one. 
Before mentioning all the negative sides of ours, try staying longer in Indonesia during your Summer break. Explore new places, new restaurants or bars. Seriously, we've got more and more cool places to visit and enjoy! Especially in terms of interior designs/ product designs (I shall share to you some cool places I visit in Jakarta). We've got good cheesecake over coffee too (It's Union btw. Not endorsing. I'm just in love!)

I'm very excited for our country.
As much as I want to explore more of other parts of the world, I'm also excited for home.
I mean, the panelists from last night were saying (and I agree), how Indonesian people get more and more creative, open minded, and accessible--thanks to Instagram. You see places/ things that you've never seen before.

I mean, I know everyone must have their own preferences to choose not to live in Indo, and that is totally fine. Contributing something doesn't mean you have to live in that country forever. Just make sure you speak for Indonesia, be a good representative. If you're a scientist, put our country as a consideration/ possible topic for your thesis, maybe?

And most importantly, make sure you know what's good about Indonesia; what's new, what's developing, before bad-mouthing about it.
Would be even better if you try to fix little-to-some bad stuffs you speak about.  
Start small. Start from yourself.

I have so much faith in Jakarta and beyond!
I am seeing betterment. I am sensing excitement.
I hope you're seeing it too.

Happy Birthday Indonesia.
My prayer goes to our future.

Jeslina x

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