The Top Reason Why You Aren't Friends with Your Friends Anymore

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Sometimes you aren't friends anymore
with your good friends.
That's okay!

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location GIA Jakarta, Indonesia

Went to another cool dining place, GIA. The interior is art-deco inspired. The ceiling is tall, which I love so much! 
So many pretty lamps and lights too. The food was not bad either. The waiter serves with great knowledge of all food, which was fun! Pay a visit to their bathroom too: Blue tiles and round mirror.
Here are some pictures!


Sampoerna Strategic Building
Last week, we (my highschool friends and I) were catching up. It's been probably 3 years since we met. We rarely Skyped or texted as well. But good God, they are all still the same. Even better, they brought all fun stories in their last 3 years of (mostly) studying overseas.

You know, some people may not change for a long time. 
But some others may do. Or yourself may do too. 
I've been having this conversation, how we found that as you get older (not that we're old!),
you'll think more of yourself than the others.
You'll stop trying to please someone--if not everyone.
You'll rather do what you feel like to do, what align with your own stance.
Hence, at the same time you are also filtering who you want to be friends with, or at least who you want to be close friends with. Some people might have different ways of thinking, and then you'll automatically stop spending so much time talking to him or her, just because you don't feel the best friend connection anymore.
You both talk about different things, prioritise different things, value differently such as achievements over having fun, maybe? You care about the economy and the war, you talk about Greek banks, not who's hooking up with who.

Or maybe you're the one who feels that your friend is missing, going somewhere else without you.
Some friends who drift away from you. And you might feel sad.
But remember this:
People change.
You change.
The surroundings change.
That's the reason why.

And it's okay. It happens. You don't plan it. You can't get away from it.

Let alone a good friend who changes.
I knew few people who broke up with her boyfriend/ his girlfriend after a looooong good relationship.
I really thought that they were made for each other, going to be happily married and have kids--nope.
After 8/10/11 years of spending most of his/ her time with they-thought-to-be the one.
They might break up just because one of them changes.
And it happens.
(It's scary indeed when you talk about relationship. Long duration relationship does not guarantee!)

With all these changes,
many would say, don't be too harsh with your used-to-be-goodfriend friend.
I mean, stay being friends. But just don't expect too much.

No longer being friends does not mean she or he is your new enemy!

Lastly, I've read so many quotes saying:

If you're not losing friends,
then you're not growing up.

Have your own stance,
Jeslina x

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