Let's Jump from the Rooftop. Not.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blue sky
Turning to gold,
Sun shining through
Reflected by your hair,
Breezy but nice.
Reminds me of your warmest comfort.

 top uniqlo pants hnm raincoat gorman boots coppelia
location the william rooftop
photographed by winnie

Semester 1 is done!
(I'm sure it will timelapse to "Yay! Uni is done!" soon enough. Because it's only 1 semester left gosh)
Anyways. How have you been, people?
Hope all students are coping with your exams and final deadlines.
Wishing you all the very best! Hopefully it won't be something like "Regrets always come later".

I'm back home now. Warm and sunny in Jakarta. And so excited to 1 meet all the good friends from school (or maybe 2 more than good friend hehe). 
So excited to 3 work on some projects for Coppelia Shoes as well (I've never really told you about this brand of ours--me and my sisters--haven't I? I shall do it soon! It's been an exciting journey with Coppelia, and I cannot keep it to myself :) )
4 I'll be start doing on one uni project for next year too! Starting early is never bad, would it? 5 Watch watch watch all movies playing. So much cheaper than watching in Aus! 6 And maybe (maybe) a mini trip with my sis.

So yeah!
Let you be my witness:
It's going to be a productive holiday yet gooooood for me.
Wait for all my Indo pictures! 
I'll definitely post my white fluffy poodle too!

Before ending, here are some pictures I shall share from last week:

We went to try this Miss Katie's Crab Shack. I'd rate it 7/10 for food, but 8/10 for the lace ambience. Like if you go to dine there, it's more for the experience rather than the food. They remind me of the British Burger & Lobster and the American Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

top rails

The other day we also went to a all day donut day. 
Donut be jealous! They are not only pretty but also sweet and cute and yums!
(Especially when you eat 'em with your coffee)

Laters, love!
Jeslina xx

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