A Weekend between Wineries

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Focus on what's in front.
Focusing on what's behind won't bring us forward.

pants topshop | coat asos | shoes gorman  
necklace local Melbourne market
bag Yogyakartan craft, Indonesia
best friend jessica (hehe)
shots by winnie

In case you're wondering, Jessica's grey sneakers are Nike's!

 So! A week prior exam, we went for a mini trip to wineries in Healesville.
Unfortunately, it hit Winter already, and all leaves were gone.
But it was still pretty, and the chill wasn't so bad either.
You know, there are times when I enjoyed Winter very much (Especially when I'm well bundled and warm, of course. While holding a cup of hot soy/ dark chocolate, sipping a sip, then breathing out the warm smoke coming out of your mouth. To make it even more perfect, I listen to Christmas music! And.. Coming home to a warm shower).

Anyways, me and my friend were having this conversation, how bad grades, bad memories, bad experience can get in the way when you're on to something in the future. You keep thinking about it, and try to get over it but you still can't. 
Well, I know it must be difficult and take times (This happens to me too of course) to be over it. But, at some point, we gotta remember that focusing on what's behind won't bring us forward.


Now enjoy a few photos from last weekend!


Good luck for your exams!
Good luck on focusing on what's in front too.

Talk soon.

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