Dancing in the Rain

Friday, May 08, 2015

Whether you realised it or not,
you can still try to have fun 
even when it rains!

pants topshop shoes coppeliashoes
location museum of contemporary art australia, sydney
photographed by thania

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you, you.
(That was Sam Smith singing btw, not me speaking)

That (cheesy) song, has been occupying my head the whole day. Pretty enjoyable, the tune.

I won't write too much this time.
(At this stage, I'd rather spend my word count on my essay :P)

Just want to say good luck and break a leg for all things you're facing right now e.g uni assignments, or workload at work, or anything that'd been consuming your mind and draining your positive energy which result to sleep deprivation.

Because I myself have been struggling to keep my mind fresh in battling with all uni deadlines, coming to the end of the semester (not to mention, exams!).

Oh well!
Keep working on it, whatever it is.
Stay positive.
Have faith.
don't give up.

Whether you realised it or not,
you can still try to have fun even when it rains!

(ps I feel like talking to myself writing this all up)

Enjoy your weekend,
see yaa (hopefully no more than 2 weeks!)

Jeslina x

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3 komentar

  1. Fotonya bagus bagus banget <3 <3

    1. Thank you Adeline! Look at yours too! heheh

  2. lovely photos, love the pics with the umbrellas!


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