For Those who Doubt A Lot

Thursday, May 28, 2015

There is this thing called hope.
And there is this thing called faith.

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shots by winnie

Let me introduce you to my housemate, Winnie!
(She just started her own blog, check it out!)
Here's her and her cute/chic outfit:

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By the way, in case you're interested with her shoes,
make sure you go to the Nike kids section.
(She's so petite that she got kids' size. The perk is... It's so much cheaper!)

I myself think so much that it's annoying.
Some of you might do too?
So here's my thinking the other day:

Some aren't sure whether God exists
Girlfriends aren't sure whether their boyfriends will stay being faithful
Children aren't sure whether their dad is going to be cured
Students do not know if they will pass
 Jobseekers do not know if they will get a job
Goldminers doubt if there's any gold at all
Even dogs aren't sure whether their master will come home.

So many things that are not certain in the world that we live in.
So many things that we don't understand.
So many things that are just too complicated and confusing and frustrating.

But there are things that I'm sure about:
There is this thing called hope.
And there is this thing called faith.

I mean,
I know that
it takes courage to have faith.
And it is risky to have hope.

But I really think that
a man without hope is a man without directions.
A woman without faith is a woman without peace.
Because what's on their heads are those worst things that are going to happen.

So isn't it better to feed our heads with positive thoughts?
Isn't it better to be optimistic and set it as our goals?
Isn't it better to stop overthinking,
to stop questioning whatif's,
to just do it and see what happens?
Isn't it better to have hope?
Isn't it best to have faith?

Wishing you a good weekend!
Talk soon,

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