For Those Who Think That Being Selfish Is a Crime

Thursday, April 02, 2015

You know,
sometimes you should allow yourself to be selfish,
for your happiness.

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lips ysl babydoll kiss and blush no.4
dog poodle (hehe)
photographed by levina


Couple days ago, I asked myself:
"Is it good or bad if I want to have the best of anything I can? Though it means that others might not get that "best" something?"

So I asked my older sisters, wanting to know what they think.

Sister #1:
"It's not wrong to be wanting something good for yourself, as long as you don't harm people. Also, that thing that you consider to be the best, might not be as "best" for others."

Sister #2:
"You know, all this time, I often put myself after anyone else and it does not turn out good.
But now, I'm changing it, I should start thinking more about myself than them.
So yes sis, it's not wrong at all to try to get the best-in-anything you can, with your own effort."

Both of them are totally right. I agree.

It's true that sometimes (as long as you don't harm people) you don't always have to make them happy. Because sometimes, making people happy means to neglect your own happiness, which is not good.

For instance,
I suck at saying "no" to invitations (e.g dinners/ study dates/ shopping company).
So, even when I know I should be doing something else for myself, I'd accept the invitation, just because I'd feel bad turning someone's invitation (and excitement) down.

Other example is,
You know how sometimes, breakups might be one-sided.
The one who wants the break up the most might feel bad to the other, and if he or she ends up thinking about that partner more, the consequence will be his or her own happiness.
Later, he/ she may regret this and keep asking "Why? Why did I do that?"
The worst is when it comes to marrying the partner out of pity.
(BTW, doesn't mean you should break up that easily. That's not what I'm saying)

A lot of times we keep trying to make someone else happy,
but we're talking about our own happiness here.
Don't let your selflessness ruins your happiness.

I mean,
Don't get me wrong,
I myself am so so happy if I can make people happy. It means so much to me.
But I'm just saying that, it's okay to put yourself ahead sometimes.
It's okay to try to get the best of everything you can,
if that makes you happy.

These pictures were taken before I flew back to Melbourne.
And that little fluffy baby is Pucil ("Putri Kecil" meaning "Little Princess").
I'll tell you more about her sometime.
She's super cute, spoiled, and literally like a princess.
The best thing about her is that once you hug her on your lap, she'll just lay down if not sleep instantly.
She also is friendly to anybody new.

need to get going.
Easter break is here, and I should get some uni stuffs done before flying to... Sydney! Yayyy

Stay tune for pictures,
and you can always follow my Instagram for more pictures,
as I blog on weekly/ fortnightly basis
(Or even longer sometimes, blame all assignments, guys).

Thanks for reading and,
Happy Easter!
Eat chocolates.

Jeslina xx

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