Embracing Batik

Sunday, April 26, 2015

May wisdom be yours.

top batik indraloka
skirt ice
shoes windsor smith
watch larsson jennings
bag charles and keith
nails  ysl shade 1
(not too bright, not too deep red shade. love 'em!)
location somewhere in pyrmont, sydney
photographed by birgitta shiella

Those photos were taken while Easterbreaking in Sydney.
Miss the weather so much, miss the sun kissing the skin.

And, was so proud and happy walking in Batik, too!
I've got them for a while, when I visited their factory for a high school project,
ahh those days!
You know, sometimes I figure, how someone can be another someone tomorrow.
It's all a process. Processes which I always believe, they all happen for particular reasons.

 Which leads me to be a little bit too thoughtful.

When you think about it.
It is such a big word.
Life then and life now. Life now and life later.
Now is affected by then. And now is affecting later.

Sometimes something felt like a big deal in the past
But now, looking back, it seems like it's actually not that big of a deal.
Therefore, you gotta remember this:
when you're facing something hard now,
this, too, shall pass.
Just do one thing at a time.
And when you look back in the future, you'll be proud of how far you've become.

 For now,
 in selecting options available,
in organising your time,
in treating your fellows,
in loving your parents,
be wise.

in cherishing every moments,
in learning through mistakes,
in finding little joy behind hard times,
in embracing your flaws,
in believing the Almighty,
in spreading kindness,
in smiling to strangers.
In choosing to do all those.

Have a blessed Sunday, for those in the late-r timezone.
And hope you had a blessed Sunday, Aussie lovelies.

Good night!


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