16 Best Food to Eat in Sydney

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

 Good day, people! :)

(Yes, I'm that happy, after submitting 2 assignments.)

 So finally, I landed my feet in Sydney for the first time ever, 2 weeks ago.
(Some people were surprised that I haven't been. But now I have! :P)
Now, time to share some experiences!

What do I think about Sydney?  
To start with, it's not as crowded as I thought it would (Maybe Melbourne's getting busier too?). So if people often say that Sydney is too hectic, I myself disagree. Yes, it's a vibrant city, there's more happening here and there, but it's not hectic enough for me to say it's "hectic". And I like it.
Secondly.. Of course, have to agree with most people, weather was friendlier, so much warmer then Melbourne (Though it can get pretty annoying when it rained, as you walk a lot.)
Thirdly.. Bondi. (Now imagine the sound of the waves!)
I like Bondi. Didn't get the chance to sit and chill on the sand, but I love how there's a grass area to chill at, if you don't like getting annoyingly fiddly with all the sand. Plus, the town houses located by the beach, made the view even prettier.

Last but not least is, of course, 
the Glorious Choices of Food.

Lucky I went with few girlfriends who happen to be extreme foodies. We literally ate 6 times a day (Including desserts). (But we walked a lot!! *Defensive* Hehe)
(Oh! And thanks to our Sydneysider-friends who patiently brought us to so many requested places.

So, in the middle of your business, let me share our food itineraries, which happened to be the best food around in Syd.

They have massive omelets  to share. Fluffy one, with olives and soft butter too.
But also order the Eggs Benedict, nice one!
Located in Double Bay, such nice, exclusive area.

Idk where these pastries came from, but they're as crispy and soft as they look.

Choose the Fro-Yo with free UNLIMITED cookieman topping.
It's basically one of my Sydney highlights.
They've got selections of gelato, but my heart fell for this refreshing yet chocolat-y little monster.

Guys, this one is amazing
Cheaper seafood? Check.
Fresh? Check.
Market excitement? Check.
Get a sharing platter and your happiness is complete.

a. That grilled scallop/ melted cheese thing.
Melted cheese.. You know it can't go wrong.

b. Crab Noodle.
There's something with the noodle's texture that's so fluffy and smooth and tasty.
You just have to try. It's something different.

c. Fresh Salmon and Oysters and Prawns and Tunas and you name it.
Salmon is my best friend. But I eat her, even before I take a shot of her. 
(I don't eat human best friend though :P)

The best hotpot I've had so far.
Works best in winter, or rainy days.
They're pretty innovative with their meatballs, etc. A lot of surprises in one big bowl.

Whoever came up with putting watermelon slice in between creams and almond dacquoise, then sprinkling fragrant petals on top of the cake, is a genius.
 For dessert lovers, as soon as you have your first spoonful of these layers, stars will come out of your head. And.. I can't tell whether that was figuratively or literally.

Beautiful from any angles..

Deep fried Mars Bar.
Need I say more? 

Chilli Chicken. Mouth-watering already?

 Nice interior, beautiful food presentations, unique selections too!

a. Breakfast with the sakuma's
Half cooked grilled salmon, smoked eel croquette, and friends.

b. Cronnies
They call their cronuts "Cronnies". Isn't it supakyooot!
They have so many flavours. I'm guessing everything tastes good.
I tried the floss one, an it was creamy and crispy and.. Gees. Do they do delivery??

10. Aqua's
 Sea-salt/ tofu flavoured soft-serve with cotton-candy/ caramel popcorn toppings.
If you feel "tofu" doesn't suit ice cream, it actually tastes like "soy". Interesting!

The ribs, of course.
Couldn't even be bothered to fix the picture's blurriness.
(I sounded like a beast. But trust me, I'm not hehe).
Go to the one in Darling Harbour, soo, dinner with a view!

Now, drinks with a view.
Drinks we had were average, but the view was yum!
Looking over Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

 13. Chat Thai
Chinese Donuts with Pandan Sauce
They only serve this above 8/9PM, not sure, but, it's everybody's favourite.
Their mains are also very famous, unfortunately we didn't order them, we were experiencing food comma those days..

 Lemonades and cakes.
I won't miss the food too much, but I'll miss the pony (Yes, pony, the precious mini horse.)
Also they've got interesting concept! 
Partly outdoor, very children and family friendly.

The best is.. They're best friends with dogs!

Pork Knuckle.
Crispy, but a bit too salty. The rest is good!
Nice place they've got too.

 Last but not the least..
16. Anita
Fro-yo with unlimited cookieman topping.
(I just have to re-mention this. That gooood, guys.) 

Enough foodgasm for now!
Better be doing my other assignments, and good luck with yours.

See you soon (hopefully).
Still got whole lot of Sydney pictures to share!

Jeslina x

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