Would You Say Hi?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Would you greet
someone that might be beneficial to your career?
Even if he or she does not know you?

I was referring to public figure, or if you're an architect, then a well-known architect. Or if you have interest in writing, then a favourite writer of yours, John Green maybe? Or if you are a YouTube-cover-singer, then UsTheDuo. If you study fashion, maybe even your dad's friend who works in the industry..

I'm bringing this up because weeks ago, we went to DiaLoGue, probably one of the hippest place to hang out in South Jakarta now, to see this Studio TonTon's book signing happening. There was workshop and everything (Thanks Adi for inviting us! *If you read this*). But one thing inspired me to write on this blog..

Yori Antar, one great Indonesian archtitect was seen in the middle of the workshop crowd.

Then a friend who is an interior designer whispered to me:
"Jes. That guy, with the beard, is Yori Antar. He is an architect and his work is great."

Then I replied:
"Would you dare to walk up to him and say hi and maybe say how you adore his work?"

Would you? Would you actually?

I mean, it can be quite intimidating, but
I think, there is nothing wrong about going up to the guy and say hi.
There is only good thing that will occur, which he might remember you, so next time when you meet him again in other occasion, he might have any kinds of opportunity for you. And anyways, I'm pretty sure he will be very pleased to hear from someone that admirers his work.

So, I guess.. I just want to encourage you (and myself too), to have confidence in this kind of thing. Trust me, I'm also not expert in this.

(By the way, this can also be applied to your crush. Teehee)

top hm outerwear ponytale pants kivee shoes coppelia watch aark collective
location dialogue
photographed by levina

Adi and my sister

Anyways, I'm now back in Melbourne!
After half a year not being here, finally back in this city that experts in best coffee and chill walks in the sun. It is actually a bit weird to be back, trying to adjust myself again (which hopefully doesn't take long). But thankfully, everything is so well so far after meeting all my beloved friends! Didn't realise that I've been missing them much.

Downside is.. Uni is starting again.. It's a fresh start, but this last year will prolly be more challenging than before. So, hopefully (I have to), I'll still be able to constantly posting.

Catch up soon!

Jeslina x

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