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Thursday, March 19, 2015

And this is how you handle stress:
Stressing now.
Bring up the stress again.
Look back at it.

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location along Yarra River
Photographer 1: Jessica Cleine

Photographer 2: Gladys


Beautiful view from Yarra River

Almost the 4th week of uni, stress level is starting to rise.
Assignments, study, quiz, work, intern, group work. Oh have I mentioned study?

Nyways, let's not those things get in the way of our happiness. In fact, personally, this is the time when I practice myself to not to stress too much while handling so many things to juggle.

My uncle send me this conversation between a professor and his students, which is very inspirational.

Professor (Holding a glass of water):
"Do you think this glass of water is heavy?"

"No. It's only a glass of water."

"True. It's not heavy. Would you think it's heavy, though, if I hold that glass of water for an hour?"

"Well, the weight will still be the same, but maybe your arms will be sore."

"What about if I hold the glass the whole day? Will the weight be the same?"

"A whole day? We probably will need to call an ambulance for you!"

"Exactly. So it's not how heavy the stress is, but it's how long you're stressing. Take a break.
Take the glass up, then put it back when you're tired. Then take it again when you're no longer tired."

 Wise, hey?

Lovely weekend ahead of you, loves!
Jeslina x

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