Sunday, February 15, 2015

Louis was broken by the Japanese,
but he then unbroken himself 
by forgiving them

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Last week, we joined Metropolis 2015 held in Senayan City, Jakarta. Here are few pictures!

Meet Clara Devi.

Meet 3 of most influential fashion bloggers in Indonesia

Gladys, helper of the day

Yesterday, I watched Unbroken, the movie by Angelina Jolie (Apparently she directs pretty good!). 

*Spoiler Alert*

Based on true story, it tells about the American soldiers in WW II, who got caught by the Japanese and became prisoners. They were treated like slaves (maybe even worse), they were beaten with no reasons, they did not eat well, they had to clean up sh*t, they sleep horribly with all the dirty sheets (no bed, guys), and the list goes on.

Anyways, the most interesting part is, the main character is an American soldier, who used to run in Berlin olympics. He, Louis Zamperini, was a runner and held the fast-runner record, and then became a soldier. Tragically, his plane did not function properly and was dumped for 47 days on a raft in the open ocean, with his 2 other friends. There's one night, when the waves were rolling with anger, Louis prayed to God:

"Jesus, if You ever save me, I promise to dedicate my whole life to you"

And so Jesus did. Louis was found by the enemy, Japanese, and lived in their camp and had to work for them. Among the other prisoners, Louis was probably the one who was treated worst by the prisoner guard, Sergeant Watanabe. It's not very clear why Watanabe was being sadistic to Louis, but from the movie, I assumed he did this out of curiosity of Louis' toughness and strength.
(If you watch the movie, you'll see how bad he was treated. He almost died of exhaustion, but Watanabe still forced him to lift heavy block, or will be shot dead).

"When Watanabe tortured me, I swore to myself to come back one day for revenge", admitted the 80 year old Louis through an interview recently.

"However, I swore to God to give my life to serve Him. So I went to Japan to forgive the people by spreading the good news all over Japan. Forgave them, including Watanabe. "

He met all the Japanese that used to treat him miserably, but Watanabe was nowhere to be found. He did not want to meet him. In fact, the Japs hid himself on a mountain, away from the people. Till 7 years later, when America announced amends to Japan, he went out from his hut.

For me, the whole meaning of the movie is about forgiving.

At the end of the movie, a video of Louis running happily in olympics in Japan was shown. The Japanese crowd were cheering for him too.

Rest in peace, Louis (1917-2014) !
Thanks for being very inspiring.

Jeslina xx

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