Expect the Unexpected

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Expect The Unexpected.
Like how sharks become friends with human,
Like how Harry Potter ends up with Ginny.
Better make sure your heart is big.

Sometimes I ponder,
how things go unexpectedly.

How so many things change in a year, how plans got skewed from planned.
How people change, how people go, how people come.

How it suddenly rains.
How there's a rainbow without any pains.
How unexpected.
 How hot chocolate seems to be bitter.
How orange's seed tastes like sugar.
How there's only one drop left in the ocean.
How sharks become friends with human.
How our angelic childhood friend is not that angelic anymore.
How that timid guy at the back of the class actually loves rock-metal.
How Harry Potter ends up with Ginny. 
How someone old used to be famous, like Twiggy.
How the expected-to-get-married couple breaks up.
How you randomly met someone and got employed.
How the scariest teacher has the most precious heart.
How things go even better than expected.

And so many other how's.

Though, I know, whichever that how(s) yours is (or are),
expectedly, there must be a purpose planned for you.

so expect the unexpected. 
ps: heartbreaks or over-the-moons may be involved.
And here are some photos from my 1-day trip to Stonehenge and Bath.
Bath city is very beautiful, so if I were to visit again, I'd stay overnight to explore the city!

Visitor Center by DCM (Denton Corker Marshall)
Maybe, just maybe, those are language-codes for people down here communicating with the aliens.

City of Bath


Oh, and by the way!
There's a pop-up market at Senayan City, Jakarta, next week!
where The Space @ Senayan City, Jakarta
when 5 February 2015 (VIP Invitees only)
6-8 February 2015
why come? This market is not like the other market. There will be talks by bloggers Anastasia Siantar, Clara Devi, Michelle Hendra, and Olivia Lazuardy
There will also be chance for you to win anything from the market worth IDR 2.000.000.
Not only fashion and lifestyle brands will be at Metropolis Market, but also food!

and so many more.
See you, there beautiful people xx
Have a Great Sunday,

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