Bertemu Pak Habibie.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 "Film yang akan datang akan menceritakan 
tentang waktu kami masih muda", ujar Pak Habibie senang.

25 January 2015

top zara skirt zara heels zara bag cambridge satchel watch larsson and jennings

location cassis, jakarta

photographed by levina

Past weeks ago, we went to this restaurant, Cassis. It's been here for a while actually, but never been. And so, we arrived there early at like 11:30 AM on a nice cloudy Sunday. There was barely anyone at that odd lunch hour. So it might be why I fell in love with this place right that second. 
The homey smell, the wooden herringbone floor, the clear windows, and the marble walls. In love.

I have to say, the French food they served was above average too. How they serve them, the taste, were pleasant. However, gotta say that what made the whole dining experience perfect was the ambiance of the restaurant itself. We (me and my sisters and my cousins) sat at this round table by the window, and sat there for hours, glued to the rattan bamboo chair, talking for so long. 

Loving the wet and fresh smell of the lilies

 Until we saw Indonesian' 3rd President Pak Habibie was coming our way, with his so-called bodyguards and some family members. They had lunch at this private room, and once finished, we said hi and had a chat with him. 

 This was how it went:

He stopped and shook our hands as soon as we asked for a picture with him.
"How are you, sir?"
"Great great." 
"We love the movie(Habibie & Ainun) !"
"Oh?? Do you?? Why do you like it? Which part?"
I could tell he was very, very, excited once we brought up the topic about this movie related to his beloved wife.

While having a chat, I saw his eyes was intensely toward our eyes. Meaning he was not only having a chat, but he was engaged in this conversation.
Even though once in a while, while he was telling us about the coming second movie of Habibie & Ainun, instead of looking at us, his eyes would gleam through his modest brimmed-glasses, 
"Film yang akan datang akan menceritakan tentang waktu kami waktu masih muda", he said.
("This coming movie will show you more about our (mine and my wife's) youths")

Now I can really tell how he still has the love that he once given to Ibu Ainun, his wife.

What I learn from this sudden meeting, was not about the long-life love. But more to how humble an ex-president can be. I was very impressed, if not inspired. I did not imagine he, an important, rich, and great figure, would be so kind and friendly.

I then thought to myself:
There is no reason for me to be arrogant (Honestly, sometimes I do feel that way. But we'll talk about it later). 
As I am no one. 
As I have not achieved anything like Mr. President, or other figures with big names.

Soon after I met Pak Habibie, I met 3 other significant figures (Not to mentnion my dad too). Two of them are my sister's friends whose parents happen to be the mayor of Ambon (Hi, if you guys are reading this, sorry for not asking your permission hehehe), and the other one was a fashion/ lifestyle blogger. (I'll share you pictures of this visionary lady next week)
These 3 people, they are very inspiring. They have knowledge, but very keen to share them. 
They are very friendly and have big hearts.
(And of any of three of you reading this, I hope, and I know you would, stay that way)

Again, I was (and am) reminded to keep the big heart I ever had, or to win it back if I ever lost it ((And, remind me if I do, please), or to start growing my little heart.

If a person with big name does not come with a big heart,
I'd consider them to be not as big anymore.

Because at the end of the day, someone successful, won't be successful anymore if they become self-centered.
And at the end of the day, people will have less respects if you don't respect anyone, coming from any background.
And at the end of the day, who are you to not appreciate others?

I mean, I myself, am not God.

 Have a lovely Tuesday,

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