Early Birds

Friday, February 20, 2015

They say
"Early bird gets the worms"
Guess that's the perk of not being able to wake up later!

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Most people wish to be able to wake up early every morning.
While me, on the other hand, wish that I can sleep longer.
Cus', seriously, even when I sleep late at night (even past midnight), I'll still wake up so early, like 6-7AM ish. And I always wake up tired, but most of the time won't be able to go back to sleep is.

Maybe, it's because, as soon as I wake up, I start thinking about anything; what i'm doing today, replaying good memories, what i dreamed about last night and wait, imagine if that really happens in real life maybe Blake Lively and I could be best friends and then she'll take me to her favourite cupcake shop in New York and maybe she'll ask my help to babysit her newborn baby maybe... maybe.. 

And of course, I'll grab my phone (eventhough I know getting back to sleep would be hard once scrolling Instagram..) and browse. Then 30 minutes later, okay. I better get up and do something.

So there it is.
When the house is still quiet (Mom went to yoga earlier than me though), there will only be me and Pucil, my babypoodle, and a current read (Starting this Joel Osteen book), and laptop, and work some stuffs for Coppelia (I'll share to you about this little shoe shop of mine and my sisters' sometime), and of course.. To blog.

Well, even though I might get tired in the midday, at least I got something done! (Read: productive).

Have a lovely Saturday, loves!


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