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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I believe that:
They are happy in
a literal dreamland called "Heaven"

"They have identified 59 bodies"
"How did they do it? Was it by looking at their teeth formation etc?"
"Poor girl. I cannot imagine how it'd feel to be left by your beloved's at once"
"The pilots were crying out to God from the black box, minutes before it crashed. Maybe the same thing will be found in this one's black box too."
"All airlines seems to take everything more seriously now"
"It's scary. I just. I just can't."

We were talking about the incident. An incident that breaks my heart. Each time the thought comes across, i feel like my heart is scrunched, i feel like my heart is being scratched repetitively, by a very sharp little knife, but it cuts so, very deep. Especially if you positioned yourself to be one of the beloved's family.

And that was just me. Me who is only being a spectator. Me who is not the one experiencing losing someone. However, it feels so near. It's very close that I shudder.

To those who were left by their beloved's,
I take my hat off to you;

For standing strong,
for understanding that there must be a reason(s) behind it,
for being able to face the fact that she/ he/ they, are no longer here,
for knowing that they do not want you to grieve too long,
for acknowledging that they are happy in a literal dreamland called "Heaven".

My prayers go to those who finished adventuring in this land and the sea.
And also to the ones left in this earth.
And also to the pilot who must've tried his best.
And also the rescuing heroes.
Not to mention, the sympathetic and respectful government friends.

God speed.

location Highlands and Loch Ness, Scotland.

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