Moroccan Lovin'

Sunday, January 04, 2015

So many colours.
Beautiful Madrassas,
Dedicated Moslems,
Donkeys and Sahara's Endless Stars.




top h&m | skirt new look | backpack longchamp | sneakers nike
*backpack is Hana's
photographed by Hana
location Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

A few pictures from Morocco (PS: no visa needed for Indonesian!)
Went there for a week, to 2 cities called Marrakech and Fez, went through Atlas mountains(Btw, it snows in Africa too!) and Sahara desert too. The desert was probably the highlight, and the colours in the 2 cities are both fascinating. I really think you should travel to those places (if you like to do a bit of adventures of course). Don't expect it to be easy to get to places, as people speak French more than English. Be prepared to be irritated by the super pushy restaurant people! No joke, they sometimes dare to touch you..

The whole trip was beautiful! So many colours in the country, the sand was very soft in the dessert, the stars were incredibly amazing (Literally, you will feel like you're trapped in a dome of stars and the Milky Way), and of course, I adored the Moslem's friendliness towards others and their dedication to pray in the middle of their busy-ness. Not to mention, the beautiful madrassas (school in Arabic), mosques and riads (Moroccan traditional hotels).

Anyways, pictures tell 1000 words, do they? 
(Though the pictures below are probably just 1/10 of the whole pretty pictures taken ;) )


The endless stars!
Atlas mountain

Talk to you soon!

PS: I'm leaving London next week *sobs*

Jeslina xx

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