I Talked to A Homeless

Friday, January 16, 2015

People might seem to be harmful.  
Or seem to be evil. Or untrustworthy.
But hey,
Have faith in humanity.

 Here is what happened.
I was sitting at the square sipping my bitter Monmouth coffee. The air was crisp but soothing, thus sitting there for hours while watching people was very doable. Mesmerised by a man going in an optician, 2 builders in orange vests going to continue what they did the day before, pretty long queue outside a coffee shop, birds chirping, a sales woman opening the shop for the day, and the same man going out from the same optician, carrying a shopping bag. Peaceful.
Next thing I know, a man came toward me, carrying a grandma bag, holding plastic bags, some dried food, water and a sleeping bed or two. He seems like bringing more than what's in the grandma bag, though. A voice did ask me to leave as some people called him harmful, but bigger voice did successfully urged me to stay there, and asked him what's more in his bag he's been carrying. What's the story behind that full-of-beard face. What's the story behind that beer belly. What's the story behind that worn-out navy shirt? What's the story behind that man who most people fear?

"Can I squeeze in?"
And he did, before I answered.

"Of course. Go for it"

I watched him in the corner of my eye. I was a bit scared to stay, to be honest. But, if I leave, he might be offended, or worst, feel sad. And so I decided to stay there, as it's been so long since I wanted to talk to them.

I dared myself to ask, then.
"How's your day?"
Acting cool, not directly looking at his eyes. Because, I was still in cautious mode.

"Great great. How's yours?".

And the conversation went on. I asked him questions like, have you been traveling a lot? And he answered me with such enthusiasm. I also asked specifically like, have you visited Copenhagen? (Previously planned to go there but didn't at the end). And he told me how it is freezing and he even told a specific jacket brand to wear there.

I also remember he told me about hostels in Europe. How druggies were all there, where blood burst to all directions. And he told that story in a very casual way, as if it was normal to see, for himself.

But you know. Even though he probably was (or is) a druggy, or even though he probably does not have family and a house, he is still the same with us. He is not as scary as in most people' heads.

And you know, maybe, by talking to them, it encouraged them in some ways. By engaging a talk. By appreciating them. By giving a little attention. By listening.

About some people who seems to be harmful. Have faith in humanity. (As my housemate V.C once said)


Down here, are pictures from Liverpool! Enjoy!

top h&m | bag kanken | boots aldo
photographed by ansel
location Menlove Ave Park, across John Lennon's childhood house, Liverpool, UK

Lennon's childhood house

Tribute band for Beatles, on every Saturday nights. Must do in Liverpool! The pub (Cavern Club) is where the legend start performing. The closest band you can get to witness The Beatles.
my new hero.
You can go on The Beatles Story Exhibition and read all their journeys. My heart broke when I was there *sobs*

Playing at Trains. Adorable? I know right!
Really wish I were one of the gals in the front row!
Museum of Liverpool
Train ride view was pretty postcard materials!
Last but not the last, my fave pretty travel buddy and photographer <3. Anselia.
At first I was torn whether to go to Liverpool or Manchester. Then decided to go to Liverpool, and didn't regret it. The highlight of the trip was singing along for 3 hours with The Beatles Tribute Band. I could imagine, the real legend would be 100 times memorable and heart-sickening.
In terms of buildings and architectures too, Liverpool is more modern than Manchester; malls, sleek museums and the pier is pretty.

Jeslina xx

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