Dear, London.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dear London,
did inspire me to such motivation,
in the middle of the crowd and confusion.
Day dreaming to my future ambition.
Especially the one in fashion. 
And love. And relation.
You make me believe despite the condition.

Thank you for the call.

 Finally (not that I was longing for the day), last night was literally my last sleep of my journey in London (At least for this year. Fingerscrossed*). 
Oh and by the way, it's 5AM here and I could not go back to sleep. People call it anxiety.
And I'm now typing this up trying to pour how happy and grateful I am. But you know, it's really hard to put all the greatness in words. Each time I think what I should write about London, or each time I think of how to express myself in this, all happy thoughts and unpredictable things that had happened, all jumbled all over my heart ("Heart". See, writing this is hard, I don't want to sound too exaggerating while it's actually the real thing).

Anyways, maybe this is how I am going to organise those thoughts by listing what I am greatful about, especially the unexpected ones:

1. Was chosen to go on an exchange in London, to start with.
Back in Melbourne, many of us wanting to taste the uni life out of Australia. And out of all other unis, I got the one of the bests, which is University of Arts London/ London College of Fashion.
Really, I didn't expect this. Only God's grace, you know.

2. I was not alone going to London. #BeautifulCoincidence.
My bestie (Hi, Sher!), had choices in where to go for college. Was there many choices. Was there many thoughts for her. But at the end, she went to London. And the best thing, we flew together and explored the city together for the first time (And that tiring walk to get a SIM card, haha!).
Oh, thanks for letting me stay with you for my first week as I was homeless. And thanks for staying up (and those life rants till dawn) with me on the last night. And thanks for letting me book my cab using your account. And thanks for not going to class today only to send me off to the airport. To sum up, you are always there. And I call it reliable :) xoxo

3. Met new friends super quickly, and none of them is not nice, nor fun.
It happened like this: My mom's friend's child studies in London > We met > We went to church together > Apparently, I met my cousin who's having a holiday in London > She introduced me to her friends > Her friends introduced me to their friends > New people met.
Also friends in Melbourne introduced me to more friends > Even more new people met.
So, you always have somebody to hang with. Never, ever, alone.

4. Interned with best people. One of the best part in my daily life here.
So I randomly searched for local fashion designer here in London, and emailed about 30 of them. Some replied. Some did not. Some got back to me and interviewed me. And then, I chose with my guts too. And it turned out great! And hopefully, this will lead to other opportunities*, like.. job opportunity *fingerscrossed*.

5. I learned how to be nicer people.
Basically, I met too nice people who inspired me to be a nicer person too! For instance, a friend who let me using her place to stay while my previous rent was over (Thanks, M!), or a friend who is very generous in sharing things with me at home (Thanks, V!). Or even a hostel concierge being so generous in helping me getting a refund thing, though it's against the policy. She helped me talk to the manager.
You know, one more thing that I believe during the stay is that strangers are not always bad people. For instance, it was my first time to rent place out for solid 3 months with total strangers. All of them were not even Indonesian; Chinese, Mexican, and Lithuanian. At first, I hesitated to rent the place there as I don't know the housemates-to-be at all. But you know, it turned out well. People were all nice.
One more thing to share about strangers, I once talked to a homeless guy (been wanting to do this since I saw them in Aussie!), and you know, he is not scary at all. He has a job, and one thing I learned is, homeless guys can be much more friendlier than guys with homes! Haha!

6. Being closer to someone.
Well, as I said, unexpected things do happen in life. One instance is that I unexpectedly got closer to a friend. 
We rarely talked before as our time difference was pretty far out when I was in Melbourne (Though I've known him like, forever. And no, I am not mentioning name *blush*). 
But now that I'm in London, we talked more. And.. Got, um, pretty close (Heyaa! :D). 
Indeed, unexpected things do happen, and you know, maybe it is just meant to be? (Hopefully).

But yeah, so many unexpected's. Expect the unexpected's.
(Definitely need to talk about this one in my later post, as things go that way!).

And guys, here are pictures that I haven't published before.
Random beautiful things.
They are well stored in my camera (And my mind, of course),
but I guess it is wise to share these with you, no?


Somewhere near Euston Square
My favourite cupid, Piccadilly Circus.
Still, Piccadilly.

Brick Lane

Somewhere near Bloomsbury Square
Sunday roast! (Lovin' the Yorkshire pudding)
Waterloo Station

Green Park lovin'
The cute Paddington's were all over London, each with different costumes!

If you read Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, this is where Luke's mom wanted their (Luke's and Becky's) wedding to be.
You will literally find this every where in London!

Scotch Eggs, one of Borough Market's yummies!
A little selfie won't hurt?
Burger & Lobster. Damn, now I want it again.
Maybe best Winter Wonderland ever!

Coat by Paper London.
At Tate Modern.
With the sisters, before skating at Somerset House!
Anthropologie: Probably my favourite store in the world, because of their visual merchandising!

Gold lovin'
One thing not to miss: Afternoon tea! I had it at Palm Court, Langham. It was pretty good! The ambiance was.. calming.
Scones and clotted cream and tea!

Will miss breakfast by the window, watching people passing by. This one was at Princi, a Milano restaurant, famous with its pizza.

Tom Dixon restaurant (And store), near Portobello. Lovin' the brances-slash-tree inspired chairs!
And.. One and only Oxford Street
Mary Katrantzou forever!

Eventhough I'm coming home today, I still have so many pictures to share from the UK!

Till next time,

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