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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Que Sera Sera,
Whatever Will Be Will Be

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Have you guys heard of Quinceañera (pronounced kin.se.a nera)? Apparently, if America has sweet sixteen, sweet seventeen in my home, Indonesia, Latin Americano has Quinceañera, which celebrates a girl's (or young lady) turning the age of 15. So young, hey? For them, 15 is the point of life when childhood turns to young womanhood. The myths even tell how girls were prepared to be married by they age of 15. Oh gawd... Prior to her birthday, one has to be taught to learn feminine activities, such as cooking, weaving and even how to raise a child. In some countries, Quinceañera has taken on more religious overtones than in others. The procession differs from one to other countries. One instance is Uruguay. Here, the entrance of the (too young to be a) lady would be greeted by both of the parents (So formal, hey? This is like a wedding already). Then followed by a waltz dance, another dancing, meal course, another dance, dessert and video playback of her life (usually provided by her friends). Then, they will have 15-candle ceremony, another dance, toast and cake cutting, and again, dance. Gosh, the Uruguaians do love dancing so much!

Anyway, for such party, looking for a perfect dress might be daunting. Thus, if you (or your friends) are more keen to search it online, here's the first stop website where you can find your new wardrobe baby. Quinceañera dresses here has varieties, but most of them have wide and Disney princess-like at the skirt part. Whatever the colour is--red, blue, pink pastel, salmon, deep blue sea--one should look stunning in it. They have choices of neckline, either bandeau, sleeveless, or halter neckline, simply pick which suits you most. And then, you will be ready to turn to your young womanhood!

The price? It ranges around USD100-USD200. Personally, it is absolutely worth it. (Been studying and working in fashion, and, let me tell you, this website got a good price point)
Don't hesitate about the price being very low. They are able to give this price is because the cut off their middlemen, allowing directly delivering the dresses from designer > manufacturer > www.sweetquinceraneadress.com. No wholesaler! So, if you want to know, you are saving up to 80% budget for your dress (read: you can spend the rest of the money to other shopping! Yay!)

Their fabrication is mostly tulle (that sheery material that is usually for wedding dresses), topped up by chiffon satin, or organza (another light sheery type of material). Their designers have previously worked with high street big names, thus you need not to doubt their designs and fabric choosing!

Another deep into their brand, they've started since 2005 serving the young ladies, especially for Quinceañera clients. That's why they know how important it is for the dress to be adjusted. They build extra materials into dresses, to enable you to alter the dress, in case needed by your local sewer!

And if you still have doubts whether to choose them or not, read their "Why shop with us" link. (I myself would be intrigued to purchase one from them)

Jeslina L.

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