Ladies Know What Quality Time Is

Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Percuma punya 1000 temen,
kalau nggak punya 1 sahabat"-mom

One true friend is better than 1000 fake ones.

I don't know from the guys' perspectives, but from us, ladies, having a true best friend to depend on is precious. Sometimes I keep saying to myself how good God is that He let me met these true friends!

And then, either when you're at a stage where you need to confide your love stories or life dramas, you know who to go. And, quality time (QT) is then needed. Or, some calls it HTHT=Heart to Heart Talk.

It's where you both (or maybe 3 or whatever): 
1. Sit together, facing each other
2. Preferably having something to chew on
3. With no phone used (Unless used to take a couple of pictures are fine, of course) 
And there.
4. Talking, blurting out about anything from A to Z. 
Wise words in life are usually involved!

Especially when you are facing a tough time (like uni workload), a little QT would lift you up. It will automatically motivate each other to do better.
So, if you've found them, keep them in a box, make the box as comfortable as possible, and don't lose it.

Couple weeks ago, I had a Christmas dinner with my girl-friend, and had a very nice time at this place called Cantina del Ponte. You can see the beautiful (It was that beautiful) lights from the tower bridge. The food was good too, above average, I'd say.

Give love by giving presents!
Order their Tiramisu. It'll tell you what happiness is.

By the Tower Bridge

Then, the following week, went on this high tea bus tour with BB Bakery. I expected it to be more fun to be honest, but, we had a good time, and able to see almost the whole London City in just 1.5 hour! (At first I was wondering how are they going to keep their tea cups, cake trays etc, but apparently they stick them to the table. For the tea cups, they use tumbler instead. Quite different!)

The housemate who's always happy!

This post is for 2 (of many) amazing ladies in my London bound.
Cheers, Sherine and Valeria! x

Next week, I will share pictures from my trip: Morocco.
Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the adventure!

Also, before ending this post,
If last week was London wedding dress, now I should reveal to you that DresseStylist also modify their wedding dresses to suit Liverpool wedding dress style! (In fact, they specifically have Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Oxford and Cambridge. How amazing?) Within each section, you'd find your own wedding dress style. Either to dress up, dress down, etc. Since they have so wide range of choices, they make it easier for you to choose by city name to start from. (Very thoughtful, hey?)

For this Liverpool wedding dress section, they focus on the products with simple elegance details, vintage touches, and romantic details. You know, like off-shoulder dress, mermaid strapless dress, or like v-neck type of thing. A lot of laces are involved there as well, if you're a fan! All of them are white, or tusk-white, which makes the dresses even more vintage!

Additionally, when I browsed through the wedding dresses, I saw one cute dress from the Manchester section. It is very 50's, only not with the pastel colour. White does actually fit the dress shape. This, of course, if you don't want to be too much on your wedding day. (PS: The dress from image below is actually super cute. Maybe I should wear it for somebody's wedding. Or, if you want it for your wedding day, you can dress it up with killer heels or powerful necklace, pretty face and coolest hairdo! I'm sure people will see how cute your dress is!)

The good news is.. All of the dresses above are all under 200 quid!

More about their store itself, do not worry if you're scared that it won't be a match of what you've expected. Yes, online shopping can be tricky sometimes. But don't worry, as this one provides a return service! Or if you're worried about it not being sent, etc, they are trusted website, and they always choose safe delivery services to get your dream dress straight to your door!

That's for now,
I'll talk to you soon!

Jeslina x

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  1. Well, untuk pria bagus juga untuk punya seribu teman walaupun tidak memiliki sahabat. Selama seribu teman itu punya tanggal lahir yang berbeda, paling banyak 3 yang sama.

    Maka setidaknya sepanjang tahun, setiap harinya bisa makan gratis ketika mereka ulang tahun. :)

    Untuk sahabat pria, yang paling baik adalah pasangannya :)


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