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Friday, December 12, 2014

I went home to Indonesia,
without taking any pictures with the Big Ben.
Thank God it was only a dream!

top paper london | bag zara | boots tony bianco
location big bensouth bank

So yes, once I dreamed it was the time for me to depart from London, without taking any pictures with the Big Ben. So even though I was super tired when I took these pictures, I was happy that I finally got a chance to take a couple.
Even better, the London Eye was super pretty! Even with grayscale filter :)

Hope you enjoy all pictures!

Also.... I'll be away for a week for somewhere exciting! Hope to share the pictures soon.
Stay tune x

Another session of wedding dress, especially for London wedding dress. This website DresseStylist is based in The UK, however they ship it worldwide. So wherever you are, they will be there for you.
Talking about London weddings, I am reminded of Kate Middleton's wedding (By the way, shouldn't her last name not be Middleton anymore?). I remember the vibe of her wedding day was all over the world. My friends who were obsessed were waiting in front of the TV to join in the sacred beautiful ceremony, from miles away.

Do you remember her dress (+her sister\s simple dress)? Their dresses have invited bad comments from press, and maybe it was because they were expecting something more. I mean, they are from the royal family. I was expecting something major and extravagant myself. But with their choices to stay modest, I really appreciate it. And, it does not look bad, at all. If you're thinking of keep your dress simple on your big day, I don't see any problem with that.

Through this post, I'd like to show you that you can buy long sleeved wedding dress like Kate's! (Her one was from McQueen) through the website I told you about. Who says you have to dress up on your wedding day, you can stay not being too much by having the long sleeved white wedding dress.

Also for the bridesmaids, even though medias have been talking commenting on how simple her dress was, personally, I think she looked gorgeous. Even with how she did her hair, it was not too much, but she looks fine, and sweetness added to her self.

So here are some suggestions for the bridesmaids to dress down, and so you won't overpower the lovely bride (Don't know why I keep choosing the lilac/ purple ones).

Happy organising (or daydreaming) your wedding day!

Jeslina L.

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