Christmas Market

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas blue.
Is when you're overwhelmed by the joy around you,
while its cold and you're by yourself.

outerwear F21
location Southbank Christmas Market
shot by Sherine

I used to not understand why do people sing Blue Christmas, while there should be absolutely nothing blue on Christmas! I thought, even the most often quarrelling couple will stop for a bit and hug?

But I think I understand how and why. Because, I myself just experienced it a little. So, I was finishing off interning one evening sometime this week. And I was at Mayfair, Sheperd Bush’ Market. 

At that time:

1. There was this cute party going on. People after work were drinking, hanging outside the pub, father and daughter sitting facing each other and talk about life, an English man with his dog wearing red jumper (the jumper wearer was the dog, not the man btw), the police shouted "Merry Christmas" to random people shouted back with joy, 45 year-old ladies sipping champagne, and Christmas carol singing. That was. So. Beautiful.

2. It was 4 degree Celsius, me feeling tired after a long day, and it was really cold that I breath water vapour (Not only from my mouth, but nose as well). At that moment as well, I remember how I’ve got so many things to think about, everything seems all over the places, and of course, I was walking home alone.

1+2= 3. There, the blue Christmas struck right at me.

One once said, you better be not going anywhere outside your house on Christmas nights, if you want to survive your Christmas alone. Or you will hold tears in your heart while seeing a family hanging around or couples cuddling each other.

Anyways, I might've had a bit blue there, but it is not going to be constant blue Christmas nights.
In fact, here's pictures from Southbank Christmas market! xx

Neighbouring The London Eye

There, where the lights are, is the Christmas maze. And the trees are all real Christmas pine trees! 

Enjoy your Christmas before Christmas!
Other than that..
It's December now! Christmas spirit, winter beauty and, wedding season!
I mean, it's not always December, but statistics show that December has a lot of people tying the knots. (PS: I was talking to a friend the other day and I told her I want to have the same wedding date as my parents' which is 18 of December, which means the only feasible is 2021, since it's a Saturday. So save the date? Lol! Jokes. Anyway...)
So talking about wedding, wedding dresses are just beautiful! White, pretty, it blinks.. And so I found this cheap wedding dresses website (but trust me, doesn't look cheap as it sounds as it was described), and I put the link there so you can look it up! Wedding dresses can be tricky--not that I'm experienced--but hope that can help! Maybe help your sister or cousin as well!

This website is called Dressestylist, either you feel like dressing down and dressing up on your love day, you can definitely visit that website. You can get a wedding dress starting from GBP80 (yes, that's right). Dressestylist is the largest UK's retailer for wedding dresses. They strive to offer the best price as possible, up to 80% off, which you may not find it anywhere else. This is not only for those who are wedding, but also those who are bridesmaid-ing. They have in-house designer that would love to design your dress exclusively as well, in super affordable price! For bridesmaid dresses, they offer up to 20 colour choices for you to spoil the bride.

Not only that, there's one more product category: Flower girls! (If you're getting married and need somebody to help out, I can work for you lol. I mean, who doesn't want to pick cute dresses for those precious little angels?)

ps: I'm not getting married. Not now.

Talk to you soon, love!

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