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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Historically, they are to outsmart the evil
from failing the bride's wedding.


I looked for the origin of bridesmaids, and it is actually very interesting. Never heard of it before, and pretty sure you haven't either. So apparently, not only too accompany and help the soon-to-be-mrs-x on her day, but historically (Roman history), bridesmaids have other purpose. We know that bridesmaids wear beautiful dresses (though not to outshine the bride), but this was made to hamper the evil from failing the marriage. This way, by both wearing pretty gowns, the evil will be confused which one is the bride, or in other words, to outsmart the evil(Traditionally, there should be 10 bridesmaids to confuse the evil even more). Thus, the marriage will less likely to be ruined by them. In UK, 19th century, you will find photographs of the bridge and groom even same with the other family members or friends, this is also to disguise both man and woman. Other than that, in the Bible, story of Jacob, he have 2 wives; Leah and Rachel. And it is said there that both have brought their own bridesmaids.

Is it Bridesmaid of Made of Honor? Well, it is said that made of honor is usually older, if not already wedded.

So if the last few weeks we've been talking much about wedding dresses. Now it's the bridesmaids' turns. Basically, it is the more simple dress, and of course, beautiful and the price is very feasible (Again, to remind you, the pricing is lower than usual, as they have their own designers, manufacturer, and they savvy source them).

You can get bridesmaid dresses UK in Dresestylist, same as previous website I keep telling you about.  Here, you will find fab gowns that make you as pretty as your sister or best friend. Compared to the wedding dresses, however, you will find more colour range for bridesmaid dresses. Most of the colours are pastel, with lovely fabrication and sweet detailing.

Intricate long bridesmaid gown!
Or, you can go more sexier shape (there must be cute guys around! Who knows it will be your turn then?)

Jeslina xx

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