Let Me Bring You to Windsor

Friday, November 28, 2014

Smell of winter air,
warm tea paper cup,
Christmas markets,
and friendly curtsy's from the English.
I think I love London.
location Bill's Restaurant, Windsor, Berkshire
shot by Sherine
Went to Windsor Castle weeks ago, and these were what I found!
For me, castle doesn't fascinate me that much anymore. As you find them everywhere in UK, and they look alike with those grey bricks and similar shapes, and green lush of fresh cut grass.

Windsor Castle

The Town

Always fascinated by the sauces
Puppy soaking the sun

Local street musician makes your day-trip 3x more enjoyable!

I cannot believe it's weekend already!

I'm scared how time flies so fast. Within 2 months, I'll be back home again in Jakarta, and London life will be over (at least for now). Job opportunity might come, who knows?
As much as I love Christmas, I'm not ready to face Christmas day. I enjoy the lights, discounts, and everything, but Christmas day always means that I have to wait for another year for another one. At least I'll have my first boxing day this year, so probably won't be as blue :)

Here, have a glimpse of Christmas lights in Covent Garden! More to come!
Covent Garden, always my favourite

Reminds me of Georgetown in States

For those who are finishing off your assignments/ workload, good luck!
Especially in the UK and Indonesia!
Keep coping..
And those who are enjoying your Summer (daym you Aussies), happy holiday!

Christmas market in Southbank will be revealed next week,
stay tune.

Jeslina x

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  1. Love your blog, Jes! The pictures are so vibrant <3 Hehehehe


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