Christmas Ready?

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Christmas Christmas Christmas.
I don't know any other words 
that makes your heart leaps with joy
other than "Christmas"

outerwear mango

location: backside of Harrods

Other than Christmas there's something I want to tell you about.
Have you heard of MsDress? That's the one website to go to buy your evening gowns, such as your long prom dresses. In terms of price, they are reasonable. If you are looking for something "glamorous", no doubt, directly go to their shop. Rhinestones alert, girls! They offer so many of options, starting from short, long, sleeveless/ or with sleeves, long/ short sleeves, you name it. (Even for long dresses itself, they have up to 629 (six hundred and twenty-nine) choices. Isn't that great?) Colours? Don't even ask. What differs them from other dress retail shops is that they also stock plus-sizes range! And also, petité. They have a wide range of sizes!

If you're a big fan of back details(As I am), they also have them in shop. 
A little bit of why I like back details. Do you know how sometimes you really like a dress that a girl is wearing and you keep wanting to stare at it? But, really, you wouldn't do it the whole time as you might be embarrassed if the wearer caught you staring at her gorgeous dress. So.. Back details is the answer. People would be staring at you, and you will walk into the party feeling proud. Haha!


As most of their dresses are made of chiffon, they are lightweight and when you have an outdoor party, and the wind blows *swoosh*, your swaying gown will bring every guys(and even gals) attention. *whistles*. The chiffon fabric also allows good breathability, thus, they won't make you feel too hot, you'd rather feel the breeze.

Other than that, I also have other good news! Like their Facebook page, and get 5 Pounds voucher to spend on their dresses. On the next post, I'll tell you why should buy from them and show more of their ranges, especially the one I cannot move my eyes on from.

much love,

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