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Saturday, November 15, 2014

"I'm gonna pop some tags,
only got twenty dollars in my pocket"
Anybody coming to shop with Macklemore?

Angry? Haha!

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location: Brick Lane

And so.. The other day I went to Brick Lane. The highlight was, so many food to choose from.
Not only Indian, but within the market, there's so much: Lithuanian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Sausages, Thai Food, you mention it.
So, you better be hungry when you go there. 

Nearby, there's this cool vintage shop. It's massive. I was enjoying it so much. The place and clothes remind me so much of Molly Ringwald (from 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, and the other cool guys). So that's totally must go for those loving vintage.

Not only that, I also found this place, it's on the road on the way to the market, so you'll surely pass that place. There's this manufacturer from India who sells their remaining stuffs to be sold in bulk to big companies. There will be a little flaw, such as skewed trimmings, or button problems, but totally wearable. So, getting the best fabric with the cheapest possible. It won't be forever though, so you'll not always be able to find it.

Shots from the market:

Loving how they display the necklaces on top of those printed sheets

 Blitz Vintage Shop

Brick Lane and its cool street art:

Extra shot from Koya Udon, they have THE BEST BRAISED PORK. Gosh.

As I promised before, I'll be showing you some of my favourite dress from Msdress.

If only I could rewind my prom and should buy a prom dress , I will be wearing one of the followings:

The above one, look at how genius the designer was. Glitters underneath shear. Combining both luxury in one go. Then, you can compliment the look with nice little clutch, and of course, eye-catching necklace, glittery one as well. And, not to mention, the excitement of buying a pair of precious high heels. And people will be blown, for shoooo!

Same with the second one, it's clever how the designer use the stiffer kind of chiffon for the skirt part, then it forms certain shape which is very delicate. How she or he spread the gems on the bustier as well, and you can see the "ribs" which will make your hips look smaller because of the illusion. You know, sometimes I wish I could draw really well then that way I could be fashion designer (Or, speaking of me being a fashion designer, so many people got it wrong. I'm doing fashion business, not fashion designer. Haha!)

Meanwhile.. If you want something sexier, this one will absolutely work.

emphasizing your body shape, and of course, cleeeavage. (I don't know if that'd be awkward if a guy read this. Personal message me if any guys read that. Haha! I want to know whether he thinks that was weird to be discussed on a blog post). Anyways, definitely get your body toned first to get the most of that dress shape. *wink* And, better be wearing sheer tights or some kind of shorts underneath. Not very recommended for too tall gals.
When you're in that dress, watch out people out there, this gal's rollin.

While that dress above, it's actually chiffon you guys. But it looks like satin/ silk, hey? (That's one of the reason you can get it cheaper. Great look does not always cost too much, sometimes)
 Maybe for something more formal, when older people are involved in that party, that one is a good choice. Of course, again, top it up with pretty crystal necklaces and heels. I can imagine doing the nails and hairdo as well. Beige coloured nails, updo's or braided hair. Puhrettyyy!
Show your inner girl beauty and sweetness and power. 

Gee, those dresses really make me wanting to go to a formal party! Been a long time.

Anyways, catch up with you later, readers.
Thanks for bothering to read.

Love much from here,
Jeslina x

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